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How to Optimize WordPress Comments using WPDiscuz

How to Optimize WordPress Comments using WPDiscuz

The comment section is the key part of any website. From this area, you can communicate with your audiences so as to know how they regard your website. Even, your audiences can talk to each other via it. In this case, most webmasters try their best to tweak the comment section for better streamlining their websites. We have already shared some tips for comment optimization. This time, we’d like to introduce an alternative of how to optimize WordPress comments using WPDiscuz.

Frankly speaking, most WordPress comment section is quite boring. To increase the user engagement and get more comments, you need to improve the interface to make it more attractive and interesting. To achieve this, the WPDiscuz plugin is a perfect tool for you to use.

General Introduction to the WPDiscuz Plugin

By default, the WordPress comment area is outdated. With it, people cannot share and vote them. Even, the comment subscription is not allowed for the subsequent information. Also, if you use the default WordPress template, the layout of the comment form is always ignored. The form is of the plain looking that needs the great enhancement.

Now, many webmasters decide to use some third party comment tools, such as Facebook and Disqus. It is true that they can ensure you the encouraging and appealing comments. However, if you still want to stick to the default WordPress comment, you’d better install the WPDiscuz plugin.

With it, you can optimize the comment system with the customized fields and forms. Also, it can ensure the responsive design and the fast performance with dozens of features.

Set Up for WPDiscuz General Settings

Upon the installation, you now should navigate to the Comments section. After clicking the WPDiscuz > Settings button, you should set up for the following settings.

WPDiscuz General Settings

  • Enable this comment optimization feature on the homepage.
  • Allow people to use the guest email so as to detect the registered account.
  • For guest users, the minimum and the maximum length of comment author name can be decided.
  • For the guest commenter credentials, you can keep the data in the browser cookies for some days as you like.
  • The text length of the comment can be decided.
  • You can display the Read More link with the exact number of breaking words.
  • Decide the exact size of the comment text in pixels.
  • Require the comment editing within the exact minutes.
  • You can redirect the first-time commenters to the exact webpage in your site.
  • Enable the voting feature for each comment.
  • Choose the pagination or the loading type of the comments.

Here, we sincerely recommend the voting feature. With it, you can display people’s appreciation to some comments without installing the extra feature. Also, the comment pagination feature is also great as compared with the default comment system.

Open the Live Update Feature

This is a smart feature of this plugin. While turning it on, the tool will check for the new comments automatically and display the update button if you want. Note that this feature will not overload your web server even if you use the shared web hosting.

Upon the activation, you can also decide the update frequency and apply this feature to your guest users.

Live Update Feature

Enable the Extra Features

Now, you can move to the Show/Hide tab. Here, you can decide to showcase some extra components on your comment section. These include the reply button for guests and registered members, the commenter labels, the voting button and statistics, the share button for Facebook, Google + and Twitter, the Facebook application ID, the CAPTCHA generator, the sorting button, the comment link and many more.

Hide/Show Components

Decide the Email Subscription Settings

One big highlight of this plugin is that it allows people to subscribe to some certain comment replies. In this case, when people leave some words on your posts, they can know how other people reply to them via the email notification.

Here, you can enable the subscription notification for registered users and the guest users. Also, you have the freedom to display the subscription types in the dropdown and showcase the reply button in the comment section.

Email Subscription Settings

Customize Your Comments with the Custom Colors and Background

The default comment form is of the white background, black text and black border. Frankly speaking, this is the suitable color scheme for all the common websites.

However, if you have some special requirements, you can customize the color schemes of the comment form as you like.

Background Colors on Comments

Allow the Social Login

This plugin is fully integrated with the social login buttons. In this case, your guest users can easily comment on you with their social network accounts.

Social Login

Adjust the Comment Form

Now, you can further adjust your comment form with the exact text fields and some extra settings. For instance, you can enable the subscription bar, allow guests to comment on you, enter the comment form header, decide the post type to showcase the comment and determine which fields can be showcased.

Comment Fields


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