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Tips to Optimize the Exit Popup in WordPress for the Better Conversion Rate

Tips to Optimize the Exit Popup in WordPress for the Better Conversion Rate

The popup now can be a popular component for any kind of website. Especially, the exit popup has been used by so many webmasters. Frankly speaking, this kind of popup is the last chance for you to achieve some goals before people leave your website. In the following, we’d like to list some useful tips of how to optimize the exit popup in WordPress for the better conversion rate.

Frankly speaking, the proper usage of the exit popup can engage people to do something that you want them to. For instance, you can attract them to subscribe to your emails, suggest them to continue checking your content and recommend a special offer from your site. Note that the well-designed and properly-worked exit popup can help you achieve these purposes easily.

When You Need the Exit Popup

Before adding the exit popup on your website, you firstly need to know what it is and when you will need it.

To put it simply, the exit popup is the common popup that will appear only when people want to leave the website. If you are looking to use it, you should figure out whether you have the following requirements.

  • You are bound to collect much more email subscribers for the more effective email marketing campaign.
  • You are looking for the feedbacks from your visitors. For instance, you can gather their opinions of your newly updated contents and the latest offerings.
  • You want to boost the promotions and sales by displaying the persuasive edge of how great your offering is.
  • You want to showcase the warnings or some essential notices on the exit popup.

Exit Popup

How to Optimize the Exit Popup

Now, you have learned what the exit popup is and when it is pretty useful. Now, it is time to know how to make the most out of this special website component. In the following, we have listed some simple tips.

Be Familiar with Your Website Visitors

When designing your exit popup, you need to figure out whether it is the one your audience and visitors are looking for. Frankly speaking, it is imperative to learn and be familiar with anyone landing on your site. In this case, we highly recommend you to make use of the Google Analytics and dig into the reports or the statistics the tool offers. This way, you can know how they make use of your site, what they are interested the most and what they want ultimately.

After doing so, your exit popup can work out with the best result.

Be Eye-Catching and Grab the Attention

If your visitors are bound to set their foot out of your site, you have to grab their attention with a truly eye-catching exit popup. Here, we’d like to list some typical standards of the effective exit popup.

  • The popup needs to appear at the middle section of the screen and overlay the whole screen. If possible, the background can be partially transparent.
  • You can embed some attractive components into the popup. For instance, you can enter the relative animation, bold font and the striking images.
  • If you want, you can even make the exit popup vibrate or slide when it is displayed.
  • If the popup plugin or the related tool is advanced enough that allows you to tweak the display behavior, you need to adapt different popup to different audiences. For instance, the exit popup showcased for the logged in users should be different from the one displayed for the new visitors.

Eye-Catching Exit Popup

Match the Website Branding

If you fail to keep the website branding consistent on your exit popup, you can only get half of the result with twice of the effort. In this case, you need to match the branding. This way, people can be noticed of who you are and what you provide.

Provide the Freebie

If the main purpose of the exit popup is to encourage people to sign up your newsletters, give the feedbacks or finish the survey, you can promise the freebie to urge them.

The freebie can be various. For instance, you can give them the small gift, the free trial of your online service or the advanced web content.

Provide the Freebie

Make Your Final Goal Simple But Can Stand Out

Surely, you need to make sure that the final goal you want to achieve on the exit popup can stand out. However, it should not take too much time and energy of your readers.

For instance, if you want people to take the survey before leaving your site, you’d better keep your survey as simple and short as possible. In the most cases, the questions on it should be within 5 options. In addition, instead of listing them at one time, it would be better for you to use a series of popup boxes, along with a progress bar.

However, if you are looking to embed the CTA button that you want people to click, you should make it as eye-catching as possible. Here, you can give it a bold text, the contrasting color and even the simple animation.

Display the Urgency

Sometimes, people may feel unnecessary to finish the tasks that are not that urgent. To deal with this tendency, you can express the scarcity or the urgency on your exit popup. This way, people are much more likely to take some immediate actions for your popup tasks.

For instance, you can showcase the time-limited or the quantity-limited offer or discount to encourage people to make the order timely.

How to Create the Exit Popup in WordPress

As for the creation of the exit popup on the WordPress site, you do not need to worry too much. With the utilization of the Yeloni Exit Popup plugin, you can achieve this goal with much ease. As compared with many other popup plugins we have ever used, this one is the best option. It can effectively engage your audiences to do something before leaving your website. Just check the following to learn how to use this plugin.

Choose a Proper Popup Theme

One of the greatest benefits of this plugin is that it provides a lot of well-designed popup themes that can be used for free. Here, all the free templates are categorized into different groups. Each group aims at different purposes. These include the social sharing, email subscription, discount offering, landing, chat and redirection.

In this case, you only need to choose one that can fully meet your needs from the listed options.

Choose Popup Theme

Make the Changes on the Popup Design

Next, you should determine the popup design based on your requirements. For instance, you can choose the icon and the color of the CTA button, the bubble text, the text of the heading or the sub-heading, the inserted images, the close button and many more. Even, you have the option to track the popup conversion rate with the help of the Google Analytics.

Choose Popup Design

Here, you can have a preview of your exit popup. If you are satisfied with how it will look like, you can click the Save My Design button. And on the next page, you should hit the Click Here to Save button.

Now, this special popup will showcase on all your webpages when people click the Close button of the web browser. If you use the paid version of this plugin, you can also configure the trigger and the behavior of the popup for more.


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