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All in One SEO Pack VS WordPress SEO by Yoast - WordPress SEO Plugin Comparison

All in One SEO Pack VS WordPress SEO by Yoast – WordPress SEO Plugin Comparison

If someone wants to create a WordPress site, it is very important for him to have an SEO plugin. This is because SEO plays an important task in making the site successful by pushing it towards the first pages on the Google Search results. There are many WordPress SEO plugins, and it becomes a lot harder for anyone to find the most effective one.

Over the years, there has been a debate on the most-used plugins as we mentioned in the title. The aim of this article is to give you the facts on which you can judge the best one.


downloadsWhen we base our judgments on these plugins, it is completely logical to look from the popularity angle. On the internet, people can gauge the popularity based on the number of downloads a special tool has received. It shows just how much it is good. This also applies in plugins.

According to the latest downloads, it is safe to say that the SEO Pack is better than the WordPress SEO. Because the former one has received a total amount of over seventeen million downloads while the latter one has nine million by April 2014. These are almost half the amount of downloads that SEO Pack has received.

Growth Rate

It is important to note that SEO Pack was developed earlier than WordPress SEO. Therefore, by that virtue, it is bound to have received a lot of downloads. Thus, this would not be a fair way to which is better. The best to do so is by calculating the growth rate. It can show the amount of support and love each plugin is receiving.

In January 2013, SEO Pack had received 13, 315,144 downloads and WordPress SEO had 3,216,248. Thus by calculating the growth rate, WordPress SEO has an impressive 24% growth rate while the other one has a 37% growth rate.

Features All in One SEO WordPress SEO by Yoast
Downloads in January 2013 13, 315,144 3,216,248
Growth Rate 37% 24%


These days, an application developer likes to know how the product is fairing in the market. It is essential when trying to make amends and also judge his level of creativity. It is possible with the provision of a rating system that allows people to rate the functionality of the product according to their view. Normally, the rating system is between 1 and 5, with the best rating being 5 and the worst being 1. Whenever a certain number of people rate a product, the average is calculated, and the rating determined.

As per now, SEO pack has received a rating of 3.9 out of five while WordPress SEO by Yoast has a 4.7 rating out of five.

All in One SEO Pack VS WordPress SEO - Ratings

Navigating through the Plugins

Whenever people want to look for a certain aspect of the site, they usually look at the toolbar. The easier it is for the user to navigate through the website, the better. So this aspect is also important in this comparison.

The WordPress SEO has an easier navigation system through and offers far more functionality than the SEO pack. Besides, it has separated each of its function to different pages and tabs. As for the SEO pack option, most of the settings are handled in the General Setting page.

All in One SEO Pack VS WordPress SEO - menus

Social Meta Details

The social media integration of WordPress SEO has some options with which the user can add Facebook Open Graph, Twitter card and Google+ specific posts Metadata. The same applies for the SEO Pack, but it offers much more options than WordPress SEO. It allows you to have more control on how your social media posts and pages are being displayed.

Premium Options

The premium options are available in both plugins. WordPress SEO Premium is sold at $89 for one website, $169 for a limit of five websites and $329 for a limit of twenty websites. It is the price per annum. In addition to these prices, it contains a redirection manager which is used to redirect the old URLs and to fix crawling errors.

The SEO Pack is cheaper since its premium plugin is worth around $49, but its Pro pack is worth around $79. It also has a Robot.txt generator, file editor and many more.


With the above comparing information now available to you, you can choose the best since each one of them has its pros and cons. You can make a deep comparison between these two SEO packs after knowing the pros and cons. Some people might prefer WordPress SEO for it offers many functions and is simple; others may like SEO Pack since it allows for more customization. Either way, you can use both and determine which one suits you better.

All in One SEO Pack VS WordPress SEO - banner


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