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Omnis Review – How About Omnis Shared Web Hosting
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Omnis Review – How About Omnis Shared Web Hosting

Omnis is a leading hosting company in the industry, which provides customers with any type of hosting service as needed. The dedicated servers, VPS hosting (Windows & Linux) and shared web hosting (Windows & Linux) are all available here. In this Omnis review, we would like to focus on Omnis shared web hosting. Explore more details about this company from the following analysis and then make a decision on whether Omnis shared web hosting is worth going.

The History of Omnis

Omnis HisttoryEstablished in 1999, Omnis is counted as an experienced hosting company in this field. This company takes pride in serving more than 400,000 domains and accounts. Omnis is comprised of a group of web hosting veterans who are dedicated in developing cost-effective, fast and quality hosting services. The web host is also an ICANN accredited registrar.

Having been in this industry over 10 years, Omnis wins multiple awards, like Top Web Host, Tops Affordable Web Hosting, Budget Web Hosting Award Winner, etc. It follows that this company has acquired a good reputation in the market.

Omnis Review on Shared Web Hosting Price and Features

Omnis develops cloud shared web hosting that allows users to get virtual resources of several servers. That guarantees balanced page loading speed and high level of security. Besides that, Omnis shared web hosting is available for both Linux and Windows operating system.

# Omnis Cloud Shared Web Hosting Plans and Price

Omnis Linux Cloud Shared Web Hosting

The plan available for Linux operating system is called Linux Cloud, which is starting at $5.95/mo. Note that, the starting price is valid for the 2-year billing cycle. If there is a need to choose a short-term plan, the 3/6/12-month subscription should be considered. The price information for each billing term is shown as below.

  • 3-Month – $8.95/mo
  • 6-Month – $7.95/mo
  • 1-Year – $6.95/mo
  • 2-Year – $5.95/mo

For customers purchasing 12-month plan or longer subscription, they can register a new domain name on Omnis without paying extra money. The solution also includes a free site builder. Omnis guarantees 30-day refund policy to make the service worry-free.

Since many competitors price the shared web hosting less than $5/mo, Omnis Linux Cloud seems an expensive deal. Here, we would like to recommend some quality hosting providers in the following table who offer cost-effective Linux shared web hosting.

Omnis Windows Cloud Shared Web Hosting

Omnis has released a Windows cloud shared web hosting called Windows Cloud, great for webmasters who plan to build a website on Windows platform. This solution is starting at $7.95/mo for the 2-year billing term. Customers can also purchase the service for 3-month, 6-month and 12-month. The price information for each billing cycle is listed as below.

  • 3-Month – $10.95/mo
  • 6-Month – $9.95/mo
  • 1-Year – $8.95/mo
  • 2-Year – $7.95/mo

This plan includes one free domain available for the 12-month or longer subscription. Besides, customers can get a free site builder after signing up an account, which makes site building much easier and also saves customers a certain amount of budget.

Although Omnis Windows Cloud plan enables some freebies for customers, the price starting at $7.95/mo is much higher than many reputed Windows hosting providers like what we’ve recommended in the following table. Those companies enable special discount for each plan and prices the searvice less than $5/mo.

# Omnis Cloud Shared Web Hosting Features

As for resources allocation, the Linux Cloud plan and Windows Cloud plan have a lot in common. Omnis allocates hosting resources to each website without limitation. Some key hosting features are shown as below, which are included in both Linux and Windows Cloud shared web hosting plans.

  • Unlimited disk space and monthly data transfer
  • Unlimited email accounts, domain aliases and subdomains
  • Unlimited MySQL databases and users
  • Shared SSL, Website Statistics & Logs
  • Dedicated IP, premium site builder and private SSL

To simplify account management, Omnis integrates both shared web hosting solutions with custom control panel and web-based file manager. That enables an easy way for file management, account setup, domain settings, etc. Users can install multiple scripts through this control panel thereby creating a blog, shopping cart, forum, image gallery or anything as needed.

Linux Cloud plan is featuring the latest version of PHP, Python, Perl and Ruby while Windows Cloud supports ASP.NET 3.5. Both solutions also come with dynamic HTML, Javascript, AJAX and Zend Guard & Ioncube Loader.

Is Omnis Technical Support Friendly and Responsive?

Omnis offers 24/7 in-house technical support and has a support team specialized in technical support. There is no outsourcing staff.

Support Live Chat, Phone, Ticket System and Email

Three communication channels are available for webmasters, including live chat, phone and email. To test the responsiveness of Omnis technical support, we contact the support team via live chat. This method is great for users who are not good at spoken English but skilled in written English.

Once sending out our request, we get a reply immediately. The support staff is patient to answer all our requests and finally give us a satisfactory answer.

Omnis Live Chat

For English-speaking webmasters, the most effective way to ask for help is the toll free phone. The support staff is here around-the-clock thereby solving any issues in time. Besides that, ticket system and email are great for users who need to get a detailed explanation of a question.

Publish A Large Number of Useful Guides

Omnis Blog includes numerous helpful guides, in term of keyword search, website building, social media integration, etc. That helps webmasters create and manage a website with ease. In addition, Omnis keeps publishing announcements on some social networks, including Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn. Follow those social accounts to get the least news about this company.

The Knowledgebase is where to search for some beginner’s guides, FAQs and common problems. Simply type the keyword of a question and then click “Search” button. And then, a list of related questions and answers will be shown in the Search Results page.

Omnis KnowledgeBase

Omnis Review on Uptime and Speed

Omnis data center is located in Arizona, which is supported by uninterrupted power. The 625 kVA uninterrupted power supply and 1.25 MW automatic diesel generator guarantee continuous power to all infrastructures. This company utilizes high density cooling system thereby achieving maximum cooling efficiency.

Omnis guarantees at least 99.9% uptime. When suffering a downtime issue, this company can recover from it quickly with the Disaster Recovery Triage Solutions. To check whether Omnis makes good on the promise of excellent uptime and speed, we make 30-day uptime and response time test for this company. The result is shown as below.

Omnis Uptime and Speed

Omnis attaches great importance to security and recruits a group of technicians to monitor all servers from day to night. All issues would be solved once being detected. In this way, all websites can be hosted in a reliable hosting environment.

Verdict – Is Omnis Shared Web Hosting Worth Going?

Omnis makes good on the promise of high level of reliability and fast server response time. That allows customers to develop their sites smoothly. Also, this company offers responsive technical support and allocates rich resources to each website.

However, when it comes to price, the starting price $5.95/mo is much higher than many competitors like what we’ve listed in the ranking tables above. If there is a need to save budgets, customers would better to select a company that offers cost-effective services with high performance instead of choosing Omnis shared web hosting.


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