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How to Get Notification Emails for WordPress Post Changes

How to Get Notification Emails for WordPress Post Changes

In the most cases, you can know when and how your blog posts are changed. After all, you are the only owner of your website. However, if you run a multi-author website, it might be hard for you to know every website change. After all, your writers may publish, edit and even delete the web contents without telling you. Now, to avoid this bad situation, we’d like to share the simple tutorial of how to get notification emails for WordPress post changes.

The instant email notification is not only important for you. In addition, to help your co-workers better keep track of your website running, you also need to send them the same messages.

Install the Email Post Changes Plugin

For this purpose, we sincerely suggest the Email Post Changes plugin. This is not a popular plugin. However, if you want to be informed of each change made to your posts or pages, this tool can fully meet your needs.

The best part of it is that you can decide to send and to receive the emails for different types of changes. These include the post changes, page changes, custom post type changes and the attachment changes.

Set Up the Email Post Changes Plugin

After the plugin installation, you should finish a few simple configuration options. For this, you need to click the Email Post Changes button after entering the admin settings section of your WordPress site. This way, you can check the plugin settings just like the following screenshot.

Email Post Changes Settings

Now, you firstly should click the enable checkbox. In this case, this plugin will send you the email message when a webpage or a blog post changes.

Next, you can find a list of email addresses submitted by your authors. You can choose your preferred addresses to receive the updated messages. Here, do not forget to tick the box of your own email. In addition, it is possible that your target email addresses are not listed in the block. If so, you can add them manually. Here, you should add one address per line.

Then, you can choose the post types you are looking to be notified about. The default post types include the Page and the Post. However, if your website has some other custom ones, they can appear below the default two choices.

Lastly, you can decide to send the email notification for the changes to your drafted contents. This plugin only notifies you the changes made to the published items. But personally speaking, the drafts changes are also critical.

Now, whenever your contents are changed by anyone, you and your wanted people can receive the emails with the following notification.

Email Post Changes Message


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