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Network Solutions Review on WordPress Hosting
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Network Solutions Review on WordPress Hosting

Founded in 1979, Network Solutions is one of the oldest hosting brands. This company has developed diversified services, including domain name registration, website design, web hosting, search engine marketing, and so on. This Network Solutions review is made to reveal the secrets of the company’s WordPress hosting.

How Customers Evaluate Network Solutions?

Having been in this field over 30 years, Network Solutions is trusted by millions of webmasters in the world. This company has won a good reputation in the beginning, but recently, it is complained by more and more customers due to various reasons. It seems that Network Solutions cannot keep pace with the times.

According to hundreds of real customer reviews, a considerable part of customers express their disappointment in Network Solutions support service, hosting reliability and security. We summarize some typical reviews as below.

  1. Website always suffers from persistent bugs and unread amounts of SPAM.
  2. Customer service is outsourced and can do nothing in an emergency.
  3. Support staffs take weeks to settle a matter.
  4. Excessive price for domain registration service.

WordPress Hosting Package and Pricing Options

Network Solutions WordPress Hosting PriceNetwork Solutions has one WordPress hosting solution, which is designed for all-in-one blogging. Beyond that, it is also available for creating a functional website. Both monthly subscription and yearly subscription are available here. More price information of Network Solutions WordPress hosting is shown as below.

  • 1-Month: $4.95/mo
  • 1-Year: $4.13/mo
  • 2-Year: $4.13/mo
  • 3-Year: $3.85/mo
  • 5-Year: $3.46/mo
  • 10-Year: $3.46/mo

It follows that customers can get more benefits when subscribing the longer billing term. Compared to some well-known WordPress hosting companies who enable less than $4/mo for the short billing cycle, Network Solutions WordPress hosting price seems somewhat unreasonable. Note that, the WordPress hosting comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Special Offers

Network Solutions includes an array of special offers in the WordPress hosting solution. There are $25 Google AdWords credit and $50 Yahoo! credit available for online marketing. Also, this company waives the setup fee for online marketing services. Besides that, Network Solutions will send a coupon code to customers via email, which is used to bring the free domain name registration into effect.

What’s in the WordPress Hosting Package?

Network Solutions WordPress hosting is 100% compatible with WordPress 3.5.1. The WordPress hosting solution includes 50GB disk space and 500GB bandwidth, which can satisfy the needs of some individual blogs or small websites. However, the limited resources are not enough for the websites with a large amount of posts, images, videos or some other content.

In addition, there are some advanced features included in this plan.

  • 10 email boxes for each email account
  • Access to website reporting and statistics
  • Integrate blog with Twitter or Facebook
  • Personalize blog with own email and web address
  • Design blog with various WordPress themes and plugins

Network Solutions Review on Uptime and Speed

Network Solutions guarantees 99.99% uptime. To verify whether this company makes good on the promise, we have tested the server uptime for over 30 days and get a result as below. It follows that this company delivers 99.98% uptime to each hosted website. Also, Network Solutions can meet the needs of bloggers who have a high demand of hosting speed.

network Solutions Uptime Report

Technicians keep monitoring all servers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, making sure that all facilities keep running well around-the-clock. Once detecting any issues, technicians take measures to solve it in real time.

How About Network Solutions Technical Support?

Network Solutions allows webmasters to ask for help via phone and email. The support staffs stay online from day to night. As many WordPress hosting providers support online chat, by contrast, Network Solutions fails to offer such effective communication method.

A quite number of customers are disappointed about Network Solutions technical support. In most cases, they have to wait for hours or even weeks to get an answer from the support staffs. Here comes a typical customer review to Network Solutions technical support.

network Solutions Techncial Support Review

Fortunately, the Network Solutions Help Center includes a large number of hosting resources, which can help webmasters solve problems if they cannot get a solution from support staffs. The resources are in terms of domains, email, SSL, marketing, website design, and so on.

Final Thought – Should You Choose Network Solutions WordPress Hosting?

Network Solutions can guarantee each blog a reliable hosting environment and fast speed. The limited hosting resources allocation can meet the needs of some blogs and small sites. As for technical support, this company has disappointed many customers. Since many readers are looking for a rich-featured WordPress hosting with affordable price, great performance and premium support, we recommend the following companies instead of Network Solutions.


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