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NameCheap VS Arvixe – WordPress Hosting Comparison

NameCheap VS Arvixe – WordPress Hosting Comparison

NameCheap is a domain registrar which has been offering cheap web hosting services for years, and Arvixe is a widely-known web hosting provider that also offers domain registration services. Both of them have over 10 years’ history, and they have won customers around the world.

However, when reviewing their hosting products, we have found a large number of differences in the prices, refund guarantee, speed, support methods, etc. Only by learning the differences, will you be able to make a suitable choice between the two web hosts. And that is what this comparison is written for.

Now, browse through the following ratings for an overall comparison.

Rating NameCheap Arvixe
Pricing rating 3.5 of 5 stars rating 5 of 5 stars
Features rating 3 of 5 stars rating 4.5 of 5 stars
Speed rating 2 of 5 stars rating 4.5 of 5 stars
Uptime rating 3.5 of 5 stars rating 5 of 5 stars
Support rating 2 of 5 stars rating 4.5 of 5 stars
Read Reviews NameCheap Review Arvixe Review

WordPress Hosting Pricing

Both of NameCheap and Arvixe provide fairly cheap web hosting plans which fully support WordPress. However, the latter is considered to be the more considerate and worry-free choice because of the larger amounts of freebies and longer refund period.

Both are cheap

NameCheap and Arvixe provide some of the cheapest shared hosting solutions in the industry. You can start a WordPress site with either of them by spending less than $3/mo during the initial term.

NameCheap offers 4 shared hosting plans. Except for the most expensive plan which is not discounted, the other 3 plans are now available from $0.82/mo, $1.66/mo and $2.49/mo only, which are unbelievably cheap.

However, as large discounts for the initial term usually mean much higher renewal rates, you must know that the 3 discounted plans are priced at $3.24/mo, $6.57/mo and $10.82/mo for renewals. Besides, NameCheap only allows a 1-year billing cycle for these plans, so you cannot enjoy the discounts for a long term of 2 or 3 years.

Arvixe plans are priced higher for the initial term, but they are cheaper considering renewals. The two plans regularly charge $4/mo and $7/mo, while with the coupon BWH360, the rates decrease to $2.8/mo and $4.9/mo.

Arvixe Coupon Code Activation

The shared hosting plans offered by NameCheap and Arvixe are among the cheapest offerings, but the former seems to charge less from first-time customers.

Freebies – Arvixe wins

For each customer, Arvixe offers freebies which value over $200 in total. These include $200 voucher for Yahoo, Bing and Google AdWords, as well as a domain that you can use for free as long as you stay with Arvixe. However, NameCheap doesn’t provide any of these things.

Refund guarantees – Arvixe wins

A reliable refund guarantee could give most first-time users an assurance of the hosting experience. In this case, Arvixe is the more worry-free option because it promises to refund all customers terminating accounts within 60 days. This time period should be enough for you to have a trial.

NameCheap also provides a refund guarantee, while the time for trial is limited to 14 days only, which is even shorter than the industry standard – 30 days.

WordPress Hosting Feature Comparison

The two web hosts both offer an easy-to-use user interface and many other helpful features. However, NameCheap sets various limits in the cheaper plans which can be seen in the details below.

Both provide cPanel & Softaculous

The combination of cPanel and Softaculous can ensure a good overall hosting experience because these two tools make most of the basic hosting tasks as easy as pie, such as installing WordPress, managing MySQL databases, creating sub-domains, setting up email autoresponders, and uploading/deleting files. They are currently the most popular feature set for beginners.

Other hosting features – Arvixe wins

Since cPanel and Softaculous are not the only things to look for when choosing a web host, we have also looked into many other features included in the two web hosts’ shared hosting plans, including the disk space, email accounts, FTP accounts, security features, scripting languages, databases, etc.

As a result, we have found that at the similar pricing level, Arvixe actually offers more possibilities as it supplies more server resources and better security. For more details, read the following comparison between the two companies’ plans.

Features NameCheap NameCheap Arvixe
Plan Value Professional PersonalClass
Hosted Domain(s) 3 10 6
Disk Space 20 GB 50 GB Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Sub-Domains 50 100 Unlimited
Email Accounts 50 100 Unlimited
MySQL Databases 50 100 Unlimited
PostgreSQL Databases no 100 Unlimited
PHP/Python yes yes yes
Perl/Ruby on Rails no yes yes
SSH yes yes yes
IP Deny Manager no yes yes
PGP/GPG Encryption no yes yes
MIME Types no yes yes
Backups Twice a Week Twice a Week Daily
Regular Price $3.24/mo $6.57/mo $4/mo
Discount 75% 75% 30%
Special Offer $0.82/mo $1.66/mo $2.8/mo
Claim the Offer Coupon BWH360

Uptime and Speed – Arvixe Wins

Like most other hosting providers, NameCheap and Arvixe have released uptime guarantees to increase new customers’ faith in them, and they have claimed to utilize various technologies to ensure the best possible performance. But according to monitoring, Arvixe does much better than its rival in both uptime and speed.

Shared hosting uptime

NameCheap customers are covered by a 100% uptime SLA. When there is a downtime, the company issues account credits to them which can be used for future purchase from this company. Pay attention that whether NameCheap has failed the uptime guarantee is solely determined by their staff.

Although being a large provider, NameCheap hasn’t released much information about their facilities, servers and networks. As far as we know, most of their data centers feature multiple network connections, and redundant power systems with multiple UPS systems and backup generators. NameCheap has been delivering quite good uptime, but the records are not as good as 100%.

Arvixe guarantees a high uptime percentage of 99.9%. To fulfill this promise, the company utilizes all of the following equipment and technologies.

  • A mature power management system featuring backup generators and an UPS system for heating, cooling and ventilation.
  • A multi-tiered network that prevents customers’ sites from being affected by any network failure. The core routers, carriers and distribution switches are all redundant.
  • An NOC that monitors all networks to ensure the optimal reliability and performance.

The excellent redundancy has brought about a good uptime for Arvixe hosting services.


Both NameCheap and Arvixe provide multiple data center locations in the US and Europe to shorten the physical path between the server and their customers as well as customers’ site visitors. Besides, they utilize SSDs and CloudFlare CDN to bring a further speed boost.

However, there is a difference between the SSDs used by the two companies. For most servers, NameCheap doesn’t use pure SSDs, while Arvixe stores all files, databases and mails on SSD drives.

According to constant monitoring, Arvixe has been delivering much faster hosting speed than its competitor. A clue for this is reflected in the server response records below.

Quality of Customer Support – Arvixe Wins

A significant difference between NameCheap and Arvixe lies in the technical support – the available contact methods, the waiting time, and the efficiency of the support staff. Based on our experiences and hundreds of user reviews, we can conclude that the latter performs far better than the former in support.

First of all, learn some facts about the two web hosts’ support services.

  • With Arvixe, you gain enough choices for contacting the support team, including phone, tickets, email, and live chat. NameCheap doesn’t offer a support phone number.
  • All the two company’s contact methods are available 24×7.
  • Both web hosts provide video tutorials, well-maintained document and discussion boards.

A main shortcoming of NameCheap support, however, appears if you run into the so-called Risk Management Support when your account is suspended (sometimes for unknown reasons), your domain is inaccessible, or some other incidents happen.

In such cases, you would need timely and helpful support. However, you cannot expect that because you might be unable to use the chat support, and the support representatives may reply your tickets after several days of the submission. The risk management support is the most criticized part of NameCheap technical support.

Which Web Host to Go?

Both web hosts offer cheap shared hosting solutions which are easy-to-use and reliable. However, based on the analyses and statistics above, we would recommend Arvixe for various reasons.

Firstly, the web hosting services offered by Arvixe are more feature rich. Secondly, they are faster. Thirdly, the company cares about customers. And at last, there are 60 days for trials. Besides, due to the excellence in web hosting, Arvixe has been receiving numerous positive reviews from their users.


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