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MyHosting Promo Code - Best Discounted WordPress VPS

MyHosting Promo Code – Best Discounted WordPress VPS

MyHosting promo code is coming with special offer for WordPress VPS hosting now, up to 25% discount for annual billing plans and 20% off monthly billing plans. Instead of paying the regular price, customers could start annual billing plan at $11.96/mo, and get a monthly billing plan for $13.72/mo. Notice that, we have integrated MyHosting promo code into promotional link, so customers could get all discounts by following the exclusive promotional link, the promo code is filled in already.

Monthly Billing Plan – 20% Off

MyHosting promo code is available for 20% off monthly billing plans. MyHosting WordPress VPS is charging from $17.15 originally for monthly billing, using MyHosting promo code now, customers could get it starting at $13.72, 20% off the regular price.

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The price of $13.72 may be not the cheapest price for monthly billing plans, but it shall be the most cost effective price. MyHosting WordPress VPS includes rich features by default, such as 300 GB bandwidth, 20 GB disk space, 512 MB RAM, 8 virtual processors, 1 dedicated IP. Additionally, customers could choose the closer data center location for faster speed.

Overall, MyHosting monthly billing plan is quite suitable for those with limited budgets or don’t want to pay a lump sum annual fee. Thus, we highly recommend customers choosing MyHosting VPS for their websites. Using MyHosting promo code for extra 20% discount, they could pay only $13.72 /mo to make their website online right away.

Annual Billing Plan – 25% Off

If customers who have enough budget, choosing MyHosting VPS with annual billing plan is also a good way to save money because MyHosting promo code provides more discounts – up to 25% off.

As MyHosting VPS annual billing plan is starting at $15.95/mo, customers could get it for $11.96/mo by following exclusive MyHosting promotional link now. Eventually, they could save up to $104.98 if they choose the 3 years plan.

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As most of the web hosts, MyHosting promo code is also not available for renewal price. So customers could choose the longest plan to get the lowest price and save most money.

MyHosting VPS provides low prices actually, but it’s a barebone without control panel. As the cPanel and WHM charged for $10/mo, customers need to pay for $25.95/mo at least. In this condition, MyHosting is more expensive than competitors with the same configuration, not a really budget-friendly choice.

By contrast, we highly recommend customers going with BlueHost VPS. Pricing for $14.99/mo, it comes with 2 GB RAM, 30 GB storage, 1 TB/mo bandwidth, 1 free domain, 1 dedicated IP, cPanel, and more afeatures.

Besides, MyHosting is a small company, the customer service cannot be guaranteed. However, BlueHost provides strong support to backup the VPS services that customers can feel free to purchase it.

BlueHost Strong Support

No matter which billing plan customers choose, they could be backed by BlueHost strong support.

# 24×7 Phone, Live Chart & Email Support

  • Phone Support: +1(886)289-5091
  • Email Support: Yes
  • Live Chat: Yes
  • Online Support Center: Knowledgebase / Starter Guides / Video Guides / Community

To ensure the hosting sites up and fast all the time, BlueHost provides 100% US based technical support via phone call, live chat and email. MyHosting is ready to help customers 24 hour a day and 7 days a week that customers could contact it at any time and via any way.

Customers who don’t want to get direct helps from a real person could go on online Support Center for helps. With rich resources including FAQs, starter guides, video guides, account specs and community, customers could be very easy to solve their questions by themselves as well.

# 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

BlueHost also offers 30 Day Money Back Guarantee to ensure its products and services. Customers could cancel their accounts and ask for a full refund in 30 days, without any questions. That makes the purchase on BlueHost VPS without any risk, and customers can rest assured it at all.

Check out more information about BlueHost VPS service, visit http://www.bluehost.com/


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