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How to Move WordPress Content from One Site to Another

How to Move WordPress Content from One Site to Another

Looking to move your WordPress posts, pages and media from one website to another? This is a stressful task for most WordPress users, especially for newcomers. After all, this requires you to take the backup of the original site, copy the media files, upload the database and many more. Frankly speaking, the manual method may take you around 30 minutes and even more. But luckily, WordPress offers the default import and export tools to simplify the process. Here, we’d like to show you the detailed steps of how to move WordPress content from one site to another. The whole process only needs the built-in WordPress tools.

Here, we need to mention that these tools can only be used for the basic content migration. If you are looking to migrate the whole site to a new domain or to a new server, you should do a lot more, such as updating the URLs and transferring the SEO settings.

Make a Full Backup for These Two Sites

No matter for the site to import the content or the site to export the content, you need to make a full backup before doing anything. This is a critical step in case of any unexpected failure and data loss. After all, you cannot make sure that there will not be anything wrong during the content importing or exporting process.

In this case, once these unexpected and annoying situations happen, the backup files can prevent you from losing some valuable data and files and can avoid the bread-down of your site effectively.

Export Your Website Content

The built-in export tool can be found by clicking the Tools > Export button. It will generate a special XML file that contains the content of your site. If you are going to export the whole content, this file will include your pages, posts, comments, terms, custom posts, custom fields and navigation items. Or, you can choose to start the partial migration for your posts, pages and the media files only.

Export Tool

In addition, for the partial export, you even can apply to some specific conditions. For instance, the posts and pages can be exported based on the content categories, edited authors, start date, end date and the content status.

Download Export File

Now, as you have already determined what to export to your new website, you can hit the Download Export File button. And then, you may need to wait a few seconds or even minutes to get the file downloaded. Note that the waiting time depends on the size of this file.

Import Your Website Content

As for the import feature, you can also find it from the Tools section of your admin bar. In this case, now, you can start the content moving by importing the previously downloaded file into the new website. Here, you should hit the button of Tools > Import.

There is a critical tip that the import tool is not the built-in feature of WordPress. After all, there are a lot of platforms available for you to import the items, such as Blogger, RSS, Tumblr, Blogroll and many more. This time, as your contents are moved from a WordPress site, you should click the last option of WordPress, and then, hit the Install Now button.

Import Tool

This way, the plugin of WordPress Importer can be downloaded and installed properly. Next, you can be redirected to the Import WordPress page. From it, you can click the Browse button to have your XML content file imported to the new site.

Import WordPress Content File

Lastly, you have the freedom to reassign the authors of the content to the existing users of the new website. Or, you can import all the current authors of the old site. In addition, you should also import all the attachments for the media files and images. This way, the post content can be displayed properly.

Assign Authors

Now, after clicking the Submit button, you have moved your website content successfully.


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