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Movable Type Review – What Is Movable Type and How to Use It?

Movable Type Review – What Is Movable Type and How to Use It?

Movable Type is an all-in-one content management system. Originally as a weblog publishing system, it now has been improved and graduated to become a powerful CMS online for better web content publishing and management. You can create any type of site using this software, whether it is an ecommerce site, a social networking site or a simple blog.

It is one of the first CMS platforms that make editing a website simple and easy. Some of the popular brands that use Movable Type include news websites like The Huffington Post and British Columbia. This CMS is very popular and comes with a bag load of features.

To help our readers better learn about this software, we have come out a Movable Type review concerning about its features and how to use it.


professional platformMovable Type is said to be stable as well as flexible. The templates used to create your website can be altered and used as you see fit. You can create a website in such a way that there are no repetition and minimum errors.

With Movable Type, you have the ability to host multiple blogs and websites, as well as standalone pages. The pages on your website can be static or dynamic. You can even schedule whenever you want your posts to be published or deleted in advance.

In addition, SSL compatibility is a notable feature in Movable Type. This makes it easy to protect confidential information like credit card numbers and other personal information.

Note that every user can be assigned roles in order to define the rights. For example, if someone is assigned the role of commenter, then they are able to comment on the website. You can assign a user more than one role.

The administrator interface is easy to use and hence managing your website in Movable Type is not that difficult. Also, any features you need that are not available in the application can be included via free add-ons. The plugin library is easy to locate, and the plugins can also be easily installed.

How to Use Movable Type

Any support you might need in using Movable Type is available at their official website. There is also detailed and regularly updated documentation explaining the working of all features of Movable Type.

Below is an overview of the different parts of the application and how they work.

  • User Dashboard

The User Dashboard is what you encounter when you log in to Movable Type. If you get lost navigating through the pages of your application, all you have to do is to click on the Movable Type logo on the top left corner. This can bring you to the user dashboard, and you can find your way again.

movable type dashboard

  • System Overview

This part of application manages the overall system. All the settings, websites, users, blogs, comments, and many more are managed through this portal.

  • Websites

The main purpose of website dashboard is to create websites. This is where you can create your webpages.

  • Blogs

Blog entries cannot be made using the website dashboard. For that, you have to use Blog dashboard. It can be used to make multiple blog entries on your website as well as to make webpages.

  • Navigation

The navigation provided at the top left corner of the screen is used to move between the four parts of system, user, blog and website. It is a pull-down button that can show you the links to these parts when clicked.

  • Side Menu

The side menu provides customization options and other commands that help you in creating and managing your website.

Create Website

Now you can take a look at how a website is created using Movable Type.

The first step can always be to download and install Movable Type after you have purchased the appropriate license. After logging into the application, you can use go to the System Dashboard.

Once you’ve reached the Dashboard and have selected the New button under the Websites tab, you can see the following screen to create a website.

movable type create website

Next, you need to type the name of the website, which can appear as the title of your site. After that, type in the URL of the website. Note that you should include index.html or other file names here.

Now, you’d better do some minor configurations.

  • Enter the website root. This path can be used by the web server to access the content.
  • Choose your time zone. This helps determine the exact time that a post has been made.
  • Decide the language that you want the content of your website to appear with.

Once all these details have been determined, your website is created.

Delete Website

There may come a time when you want to delete any website you have created. In this case, go to Navigation and click on System. After finding the Website tab in the Side Menu, you need to click on the Mange button.

Next, you can see a list of all the websites you have made. Select the one that you want to delete and click on the Delete button. The chosen website can be removed easily.


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