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The Most Popular IDX Plugins for WordPress Websites

The Most Popular IDX Plugins for WordPress Websites

index filesIDX plugins on WordPress are mostly used in real estate websites for they are essential in promoting the growth of the business. It is a must-have for those on real estate business to ensure that they keep abreast with the current developments and make their business grow.

People may search the best homes based on given attributes and parameters that are simple to use and can easily be seen. Those looking forward to owning homes can go to search engines and type the keyword of the kind of homes they need. The results of the search are for sites using IDX. So, how do you choose an IDX WordPress plugin for your real estate business? We have given some great answers in the following.

IDX Broker

Plugin URL: https://wordpress.org/plugins/idx-broker-platinum/

This is perhaps the most popular IDX plugin in the US and the world over. It has great functionality and thus be the favorite for many real estate website owners. The plugin has gained great popularity because of its box styling, its great functionality on mobile and how effectively it merges with WordPress. Its charges are about $59 per month.

Benefits of the IDX Broker

It gives email and property updates, and is great even for mobile users. It is fast loading meaning that it can easily be seen on Google and other search engines.

Besides, the plugin is SEO friendly and thus promote the site on search engines to give more quality traffic. The plugin is easy to customize that meets the tastes of the different users.

idx broker


Plugin URL: https://wordpress.org/plugins/dsidxpress/

This plugin enables users to use live listings on real estate with the help of shortcodes. This is mostly shown on sidebars. The plugin also allows users to search and view details of given listings on MLS. To use this plugin, you must be actively on MLS, and you web host must be running at least PHP 5.2.

dsIDXpress Plugin Functionality

The plugin is easy to download, install and activate as it is just the same with any other WordPress plugin. It is relatively easy to customize, SEO friendly and is fast to ensure that pages load fast.

You can get support on the shortcodes anytime you want to embed the live listings on your posts or your pages, making it easy to carry out the function. The IDX widgets that accompany the plugin are great, enabling the user to customize the plugin as they wish.


Diverse SolutionsdsIDXpress Pro

Plugin URL: http://www.diversesolutions.com/idx/idx-plugin-for-wordpress

The Diverse Solutions plugin is the dsIDXpress Pro that offers users great functionality and enables them to grow their business to greater heights. It is easily installed in 30 seconds, and this can be done even by newbies of WordPress users.

Features of Diverse Solutions dsIDXpress Pro

This plugin allows IDX data to be embedded on posts and pages. It has great and interactive built-in widgets to allow you customize the widget well. Also, it is mobile friendly and has an integrated every page search option.

The city and neighborhood pages are generated automatically, and the search engine results are given together with Google Maps. This plugin shows the buyer profile windows and has great themes to match multiple tastes among many more great features.

idx for wordpress

Flexmls IDX Plugin

Plugin URL: https://www.flexmls.com/products/flexmls-idx/idx-wordpress-plugin/

This is another great plugin for real estate website owners using IDX. It provides exclusive listing details and content that can up your ranking on search engines. It is specific to cities towns, and all the information on the site can be indexed effectively.

Advantages of the Flexmls IDX Plugin

This IDX plugin gives live data to users as all the data is directly from MLS ensuring that the data is always up to date. All the readers can see Hi-res photos on the photo viewer and can also see them on the slideshow through a widget.

The search widget is SEO friendly and can be customized to meet the needs of the users. The plugin has other great widgets including the contact me widget, the click-search widget, slideshow widget, and market stats widget among others.

Like most of the IDX plugins, it is easy to install and activate, and is worth the pricing if you use it well.


Displet RETS IDX Plugin

Plugin URL: http://displet.com/wordpress-plugins/displet-rets-idx-plugin/

This is a great plugin that comes cheap for users. Webmasters need to download the plugin, install it and activate it on WordPress dashboard to start enjoying its services. It is a simple tool with great functionality.

Features on Displet Plugin

This option has custom featured listings as well as pre-defined searches. Users can easily customize the listings and searches using the great built-in widgets that come with the plugin. It even allows you to modify and update email and search forms whenever you want without any hassle.



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