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Monthly Billing WordPress Hosting Plans
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Monthly Billing WordPress Hosting Plans

Looking for the best WordPress hosting plan but finding the payments are too high? Maybe you should consider a solution with monthly billing plan. Instead of paying the total fee at once, you can pay for just 1 month so you can satisfy your limited budget, and at the same time, trying the service without risking your money.

After reviewing dozens of web hosting plans on price, performance & reliability, speed, uptime, and technical support, JustHost, A2Hosting and HostGator are the best companies providing monthly billing WordPress hosting solutions.

All of these companies support the 1-month billing cycle. And by choosing the monthly billing plans, it’s flexible and totally free to move elsewhere if you are unhappy with the service. However, it is much more expensive than the long-term billing plans.

These 3 companies have been in the industry for 10+ years, and they are reputed over the Internet. HostGator offers 45 days money back guarantee, even, JustHost and A2Hosting offer the exclusive ANYTIME money back guarantee. From our editors’ perspective, we recommend you signing up the longest term plan at first to get the best price. You can cancel for the refund when you’re unsatisfied with the service or stop the web business in the period.

JustHost – Monthly Billing WordPress Hosting

JustHostJustHost is an experienced hosting company. So far, they have 1 dedicated data center in Provo Utah with 5,000+ servers and 600 full-time employees serving for a million of websites over the Internet.

The affordable and high performance web hosting plan – Basic – is starting at $3.49/mo only via this promotional link, including

  • Free domain name & free website builders
  • 50 GB disk space & unlimited Bandwidth
  • 5 email accounts & 20 MySQL/PostgreSQL databases
  • Enhanced cPanel & automated WordPress installation
  • PHP 5, MySQL 5, Perl 5, Python, ROR, CGI, SSH, and more

Along with the rich features, JustHost provides 24/7 world class qualified and experienced support via telephone, live chat and email. With the 99.99% uptime guarantee and ANYTIME money back guarantee, your purchase is totally guaranteed.

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A2Hosting – Monthly Billing Affordable Hosting

Monthly Billing WordPress Hosting - A2Hosting A2Hosting is a leading hosting provider worldwide for the affordable and reliable hosting service. Since the inception, it has been focusing on individuals and small businesses, and launched multiple hosting solutions including shared, cloud, VPS and dedicated hosting.

A2Hosting shared WordPress hosting is starting at $9.99/mo monthly. While now there is a 51% discount off for $4.9/mo only. This price is much lower than the regular price, and the discount is only valid for those using this exclusive promotional link. Even, you can get the special $3.92/mo only for the yearly billing plan.

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All of A2Hosting shared hosting plans are feature-rich, including the enhanced cPanel control panel providing you the full control and access to the server – install applications, software, and optimize environment. With the FULL automatic system backups, the data is completely safe and secure all the time.

To get customers backed up, A2Hosting provides 24/7 managed technical support via telephone, live chat and email. All the staffs are knowledgeable and patient so that you can get professional support anytime when you are in troubles. The purchase is risk-free with the 30 day money back guarantee.

HostGator – Monthly Billing Web Hosting

HostGatorHostGator is a quality web hosting provider. It is famous for the complete series of products including personal hosting, business hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated hosting.

The company’s shared hosting is one of the most cost effective choices designed for bloggers and small businesses. It is fast, secure, reliable – powering several million websites worldwide.

The HostGator Hatchling plan, the cheapest plan from the company, is affordable, priced in tier to the billing cycles. The plan is starting at $6.95/mo. And if you choose a multi-month or annual billing cycle, you can enjoy a 45% discount with the coupon code HG45PERCENT via this special promotional link. This coupon reduces the price of the plan to $3.82/mo.

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Here are some features that are available in Hatchling.

  • Free website transfer & website builder with 4,500+ templates
  • Unlimited disk space & Bandwidth
  • Unlimited email accounts & MySQL databases
  • Easy to use cPanel & automated WordPress installation
  • PHP 5, MySQL 5, Perl 5, Python, ROR, CGI, SSH, and more

Is the Monthly Billing Good Or Not?

Actually, the answer really depends on your real situation. To meet the needs of different customers, almost all the web hosts allow multiple billing cycles. The common options include 1-month billing, 3-month billing, 6-month billing, 1-year billing, 2-year billing and 3-year billing.

Now, you might be confused between the monthly billing and the yearly billing. In fact, you just need to ask you one question. Do you have enough confidence on the hosting quality of your selected web host? If yes, you can go for the yearly billing. If not, the monthly billing might be your option. It is true that if the hosting service disappoints you, especially for aspects of frequent downtime, slow page loading, security issue or the poor support service, you can ask for the refund. However, you have to know that some web hosts are really sly when it comes to their money back guarantee. There are a lot of non-refundable situations that you may fail to find. If so, it is really frustrating to go with the long-term billing.

If you decide to pay monthly when you are not sure about the hosting quality, you can suffer the financial burden in the long run. After all, web hosts charge you much more for the monthly billing than the yearly billing.

In this case, when deciding whether to go with the monthly billing, we have summarized its pros and cons in the following.


  • You do not need to pay much at one time. This can alleviate your budget burden temporarily.
  • You can try the hosting solution that you are not familiar with.


  • You need to pay more in the long term.
  • You cannot get some free add-ons that are only available for the yearly plan.


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