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How to Monitor Word Count for WordPress Posts based on Editor Colors

How to Monitor Word Count for WordPress Posts based on Editor Colors

Looking for more organic traffic and the higher conversion rate? If so, we highly recommend you to write the long and detailed blog posts instead of the short ones. As we have researched from many SEO experts and the related articles, the number of words is crucial when concerning the search ranking. But sometimes, writing the lengthy posts can be hard without the visual motivation or indication. Now, you can deal with this situation via different background colors on WordPress editing screen. Here, you can check the following simple tutorial to learn how to monitor word count for WordPress posts based on editing background colors.

Install the Edit Color in Word Count Plugin

In fact, WordPress will showcase the word count at the bottom section of the editing screen. However, most of you will not notice the count when writing the content. In this case, the Edit Color plugin can put into utilization.

This plugin will change the color of the editing screen background automatically, based on the word count you have met. For instance, if the content has 100 words already, the editing screen color will turn to be red. If you surpass the 200 limit, the color will be yellow.

Frankly speaking, this plugin is useful enough to inform you of the length of your post content. If you fail to meet the minimum or the target word count, you can keep writing without any interruption.

Set Up the Editor Color Plugin

By default, this plugin sets 5 options of background colors based on different word counts.

  • 0 word count: the white background color
  • Up to 150 words: the pink background color
  • Up to 300 words: the yellow background color
  • Up to 450 words: the green background color
  • Up to 600 words: the blue background color

Edit Color Settings

Here, you can enter the Settings area to configure the default options after clicking the Editor Colors button from the drop-down list. In this plugin settings page, you can set the word count target and the corresponding color scheme as you like. Also, you can delete the current color options and add the new ones if you want.

Now, you can save the settings. When you edit your post content, the background color of the editing screen will vary based on the exact word count of the whole post.

Edit Color


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