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How to Moderate WordPress Comments to Prevent Scam and Spam

How to Moderate WordPress Comments to Prevent Scam and Spam

The comments are the specific words left by your audiences for your web contents. They can be some feedbacks, suggestions, questions, warnings and many more. With the comment section, you can achieve the easy communication among all the people landing on your site. However, not all the comments on your site are useful. Some of them are even full of scam and spam. To avoid these bad comments, we’d like to tell you how to moderate WordPress comments effectively.

The Default WordPress Comment Moderation System

In fact, WordPress itself has a default comment moderation feature. With it, you can prevent the comments from showing on your website without your approval. These comments will be put into the queue for moderation. And you need to approve, reject or delete them manually.

For this, you simply need to hit the Comments button from the WordPress admin. And then, you can find all the comments that are in three types mainly – Pending, Approved and Spam. For the comments that are waiting for the moderation, they will appear in the Pending group.

Pending Comments

Now, you can do the following actions based on the real situation.

  • If you feel the comment is great and meaningful, you can click the Approve button to make it publicly available on your website.
  • You can reply to that comment. If so, the comment is approved automatically.
  • If the comment is good, but contains some keywords or links you do not like, you can edit the content as you want.
  • If the comment is a bad one, you can mark it as spam or simply delete it permanently.

Set Up the Default Comment Moderation Feature

WordPress allows you to set up some configurations for the comment moderation. Here, you should navigate to the Settings > Discussion page and target the Other Comment Settings and Comment Moderation parts.

Other Comment Settings

From this part, you can require people to register and to log in before leaving their comments. And the registration process requires them to offer their name and email address. These two settings can effectively prevent the spam.

Other Comment Settings

Comment Moderation Settings

Here, you can decide how a comment should enter into the pending queue. For instance, you can enter some words, links or IP addresses that you regard as the spam. If comment contains these keywords, you can hold it in the queue.

Also, you can enter some blacklisted keywords. If the comment contains any of the listed words, the system will put it into the trash directly.

Comment Moderation Settings

To save your efforts, you can even enable the automatic moderation for those who get the approval before.

Make Use of the Akismet Plugin

For the proper comment moderation, you can install the Akismet WordPress plugin. It will check all your comments against their global database of scam and spam. In this case, you can have your website protected effectively from the malicious contents.

In addition, each comment will have the status history. Thus, you can easily know which comments are cleared and which are caught as the spam. Also, with the clear reports and statistics, you can see the number of approved comments effortlessly. Here, you can check this guidance to learn how to keep WordPress comments safe with Akismet.

Allow Others to Moderate Comments for You

Frankly speaking, the comment moderation task is tedious if your website constantly receives a large number of comments on a daily basis. In this case, you’d better allow other users to finish the moderation job for you.

To achieve this, you can install the Moderator Role plugin. In this case, you can feel easy to add an exclusive comments moderator role, with who can only do this job for your site.

Now, you simply need to create a new user with the role of Moderator. Or, you can assign your current users with this special role.

Moderator Role

This way, when people entering the admin panel, they only have the abilities to change their profiles and moderate the comments.

Comment Moderator

Some Tips When Moderating the WordPress Comments

No matter you or your co-workers moderate the comments for your WordPress site, you need to abide by the following principles.

  • You may find some comments that have a bunch of strange characters, keywords and links. If so, these comments are the obvious spam ones.
  • If the comments are left by the strange or the fake name, you should be careful. After all, this might be a marketer who wants to spam your WordPress site for the backlink.
  • Some people may leave the generic comments that are meaningless at all, such as “Thank You” and “Nice Content”. These comments can be deleted totally.
  • Some people may leave the comments to ask for help. However, if you find the comments are asking for the irrelevant requests, you can regard them as the spam.
  • The comment moderation is a constant task, which needs to be finished at least on a weekly basis.


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