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How to Migrate Your Site from Weebly to WordPress

How to Migrate Your Site from Weebly to WordPress

Most bloggers are green hands when they start blogging and thus end in the wrong platform that does not suit them at all, simply because they have heard online that the specific platform is simple to use and functional.

In fact, as you continue blogging for a relatively long time, you may learn things like plugins, monetization, customization, SEO and many others, ending up feeling that you need another blogging platform. And this situation may happen between Weebly and WordPress.

If you host a blog on Weebly originally, it is not that difficult to move your blog to WordPress later. However, this practice still requires you to have some technical knowledge and be dedicated on the task. Below are steps in moving your site from Weebly to WordPress.

switch website from weebly to wordpress

Build a WordPress Site

You need to set up a WordPress site where you can keep your blogging on as you continue with the transfer process. This step is critical as one of the most important steps can be directing the old domain to the new site after all the transfer process is completed.

For this, you are required to find a reliable web hosting for your WordPress website since you have been blogging on Weebly. Set up and configure a WordPress site and choose a great theme. You can also just set up an account if you first need to try the platform before moving your Weebly site.

Find RSS Feed URL

rss feedsAfter setting the WordPress site, you can now transfer your Weebly site and all the contents. You need to find the RSS feed URL on your Weebly site at first. Note that WordPress allows you to import all content from RSS with ease through a plugin. The RSS URL can look like www.yourdomain.com/1/feed. Note that regular pages on Weebly do not have feeds.

Get XML File

Enter your site URL in Google Reader as this way in the following.

xml page url

Note that the n=400 at the end of the URL above shows the number of posts you want to be displayed. If you have more posts, then increase the number accordingly. This can lead you to an XML file that you should right click on and save as feeds. However, this should be the Atom feeds.

Convert the Atom Feed to RSS Feed

WordPress accepts imports from an RSS feed; thus the need to convert the Atom feed that is earlier downloaded to RSS feed cannot be ignored. There are many methods of converting the Atom feed to RSS feed, but the easiest one is uploading a file to your web hosting company and using one of the conversion tools there.

A good example is resorting to BlueHost web hosting service and using the tool as Devtacular Atom to RSS. After converting, save the file as yourdomain.xml.

Import Content

It now can be easy to import your site once you have the RSS feed on your computer. This is easily done from your WordPress site. Go to Tools >> Import. Click on RSS import from here.

wordpress tool import

Upload the RSS feeds file you have earlier downloaded and select the button of Upload and Import. This ensures that you have moved all the blog posts that were on Weebly to your new WordPress site.

Move Pages

You may want to move pages from Weebly to WordPress. This can be done manually by starters who have fewer pages. For those who have over 25 pages, however, it is advisable to use HTML Import 2 plugin for fast transfer.

Match Permalinks

The URL structure is not the same in different platforms; thus the need to match the permalinks is required. To match the permalinks, go to Settings and select Permalinks on the WordPress Dashboard. Check on the Custom Structure box and type the following code. This code retains the Weebly URL structure that includes HTML in the end.

match permalink

When matching the permalinks of some webpage, you can make use of the Dot HTML, PHP, XML Page Settings plugin. Go to the Settings page of the plugin after activation to transfer pages. Then, enable the function, enter the page slug, enable slug mode, and save changes.

xml page

Import Images

Most of the images on your Weebly site can be imported together with your posts, but there are those that remain. To import the images from Weebly to WordPress at all, you can use the Import External Images to WordPress plugin.

You need to activate the plugin, and then go to Media >> Import Images. Remember that once your Weebly site is gone, you are bound to lose all the images if you do not import them. This plugin can examine all the pictures along with the posts they are related to, so you can reduce the responsibilities of image losing to the largest extent.


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