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MaxCDN Review– Good Practice to Speed Up WordPress?

MaxCDN Review– Good Practice to Speed Up WordPress?

To speed up WordPress website, some people may realize it by using various methods, like caching plugin, image optimization, and more, among which CDN has become a new trend for webmasters improving the speed of their sites. In this case, we have made an in-depth investigation on the performance of over 50 CDN service providers in the industry and finally turn out MaxCDN can meet the needs of customers to speed up their WordPress sites.

Frankly, some readers know little about MaxCDN and cannot determine whether it is a good choice for speeding up their sites. In the following, we introduce this service provider mainly on the aspect of its performance. Meanwhile, we also make a brief MaxCDN review on its features, plans, price and technical support.

About Content Management System

CDN, the acronym of content delivery network, is used to shorten the physical distance between website content and visitors by utilizing multiple data centers at different geographical locations, thus speeding up the distribution effectively.

For instance, if your server is in Europe, then you can guarantee a fast loading speed for people who are close to the server. However, for people who are visiting your site from USA, the speed may not be that satisfying. To deal with this inconvenience, simply put the CDN in your right hand. In fact, there are a lot of CDN companies offering excellent services on the web, and MaxCDN can be regarded as one of the best providers.

MaxCDN always holds its original intention to provide customers with powerful and affordable CDN services, which are suitable for blog, business website and e-commerce. For people are looking for fast software download, top-level reliability and smooth serving, MaxCDN never let them down.

maxcdn review

Why MaxCDN is Fast and Reliable

To keep websites running smoothly, MaxCDN makes use of NetDNA’s CDN system to deliver a fast CDN for everyone. And also, by using an amazing network, it has achieved an extremely fast speed as well as stunning uptime.

Top Level of Reliability

As one of the fastest CDNs in the industry, MaxCDN uses full redundant power supply to support its network. It provides 100% SLA to each website ensuring a reliable hosting environment. For the network is powered by Dyn and DNS, the data can be transferred smoothly and stably. There is barely any error happening in the data-transfer process. According to our monitoring in the past 30 days, we get the conclusion that the uptime record of MaxCDN is 100%.

High Performance

MaxCDN uses high performance web servers featuring Nginx so that it is able to provide customers with higher performance and faster speed. The 100% SSDs in Europe, North America and Asia makes the connection to Internet with multiple 10 Gigabit ports. According to Cedexis, the server response time of MaxCDN is coming in 39ms on average, which is faster than most of other competitors.

Other Advantages of MaxCDN

maxcdn advantagesIn addition to the high performance, MaxCDN also pays more attention to offering secure, affordable, rich-featured and considerate CDN services.


MaxCDN always regards the security as important as its content and design. It generates secure tokens and provides SSL certificates to protect your website from suffering hacker attack, spams and viruses. It makes a promise to ensure the security of customer’s account with a password and a second generation by using Google Authenticator.


MaxCDN provides three levels of pricing to choose from, including Standard, High Volume and Enterprise. The servcie is starting from $9/mo. Readers can get such affordable hosting service by clicking this promotion link. Besides, each plan is powered by advanced features, like the maximum of bandwidth, pull zone technology, and many more.


MaxCDN offers one-click installation for WordPress and provides 1-on-1 setup, making it is to speed up a WordPress website. With the full featured control panel, customers can easily control over the CND with all needed features. It is suitable for people who need to set up a powerful website and take full control of it. Below is the display of part of the user-friendly control panel.

maxcdn review control panel


It takes the heavy objects that include images, CSS, and JavaScript, and uploads them to multiple data centers around the world.


For any questions on the service, customers can contact MaxCDN professional support staffs to get a valid solution via live chat, phone and email. On average, the response time is less than one minute. In addition, people can find the answers from the knowledgebase and blogs.

How to Use MaxCDN for Speeding Up WordPress

Thanks to the top network and high performance web servers, MaxCDN is able to achieve an extremely fast speed. For the good performance on price, security, usability and technical support, it is worth choosing.

There are a lot of user-friendly plugins that can be used to integrate your site with MaxCDN, among which W3 Total Cache is the most widely used one. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is to download, install, and activate this plugin. You can do this from WordPress.org or at the Plugin section of your WordPress admin panel.

W3 Total Cache

Before setting up MaxCDN with W3 Total Cache, you need to log into the MaxCDN control panel using your account. After entering the right page, click on the Manage Zones button that is located at the top of your screen to create a pull zone. Then, find the Pull Zones header under the Summary tab, and click on Create Pull Zone.

create pull zone

Then, enter pull zone details in the next screen, which include the pull zone name, original server URL, label, and custom CDN domain. Note that you need to set the URL of your website as the original server URL, and any subdomain as the custom CDN domain. Besides, to save the bandwidth, we highly recommend enabling the option of Compression.

pull zone details

After finishing these blank spaces, you can hit the Create button and wait for up to 3 minutes for creation. Once the process is completed, you will receive an informing message like the image displayed in the following.

complete creation

Now, you need to go back to the WordPress dashboard. Scroll down to the General settings section under the Performance tab. Find and click CDN in the menu. Then, all you need to do is to check the box next to the word of enable, and select MaxCDN from the CDN types.

configure maxcdn

After saving all the settings, you will receive another message requiring you to provide Authorization Key. Simply click on “Specify it here” that links you to the configuration page.

specify here

Then, click on the Authorize button on the next screen that opens a new window for MaxCDN website. After logging in using your account, you can get the authorization key. Copy and paste the code back in the configuration page.

maxcdn configuration page

Now, you only need to click the save button. Your WordPress website can be optimized with the help of MaxCDN immediately.


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