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MaxCDN has Partnered with CloudProxy to Guarantee Better Website Delivery

MaxCDN has Partnered with CloudProxy to Guarantee Better Website Delivery

MaxCDN, one of the leading content delivery network providers, has partnered with Sucuri, the company that offers CloudProxy service. This great combination allows both MaxCDN users and CloudProxy users to set up a fast and secure website with ease.

MaxCDN makes use of multiple data centers and a lot of cutting-edge technologies to ensure a blazing-fast page loading speed for its customers. As this service is integrated with CloudProxy, Sucuri users can easily take advantage of it to speed up their sites for peak performance.

CloudProxy is a firewall web application that is developed to detect malicious hacking, prevent distributed denial of service attacks, and protect website away from out-dated software, malware, and site blacklisting. Although MaxCDN can provide customers with a safe environment, this opt-in technology can further enhance the security to a large extent.


In fact, the threat of DDos attacks has become a major concern for the majority of webmasters. They take down a website by flooding them with requests. At present, the attack has grown significantly in size and complexity. In this case, many webmasters need to add additional hardware and software to better respond to threats, which may result in a slow speed for webpage loading and file downloading. With the collaboration between MaxCDN and Sucuri CloudProxy, however, people no longer need to worry about this as they are able to make their sites both secure and fast simultaneously.

David Henzel, the vice president of MaxCDN marketing department is thrilled about this partnership as customers can find an easy way to add security. Sucuri also feels satisfied with the integration with MaxCDN as users can enjoy the best CDN environment for fast speed.

In terms of price, CloudProxy charges customers $7.49 each month for the protection of a single website. If people need the protection for as many as 10 sites, then price is $24.29 per month. In respect to MaxCDN, it costs $9/mo for 100 GB of month data transfer.


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