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Managed or Unmanaged VPS Hosting? - Differences & Tips

Managed or Unmanaged VPS Hosting? – Differences & Tips

managed or unmanaged vps hostingManaged or unmanaged VPS hosting? Many customers are confused before registering a VPS hosting account. VPS hosting is a powerful virtual private server which takes the bridge between shared hosting and dedicated server. It gives customers guaranteed resources and full control, but needs a good technical support to manage. In this case, you have two ways to register a VPS hosting account – managed VPS hosting and unmanaged VPS hosting.

Managed VPS Hosting

With managed VPS hosting, you have full control over your server, but don’t have to manage it for installing OS or maintaining performance. The hosting company manages your entire server. In general, the managed VPS hosting is more expensive than the unmanaged hosting. However, it can be beneficial and valuable if you have little knowledge and experience to run or maintaining a server and takes all responsibility for the performance. Besides, it’s necessary to have technical assistance in a Linux VPs when you want to do the following things over your server.

  • Installing and configuring server software like MySQL, PHP, Apache
  • Running and Updating VPS when needed
  • Installing a Firewall, SSL certificates
  • Installing a control panel when needed
  • Setting up backups and maintenance

Unmanaged VPS Hosting

Unmanaged VPS hosting is a VPS solution completely under the control of customers. The hosting provider is only responsible for the physical server and the availability of the server, but does not provide any help in case any problems are faced with unmanaged VPS accounts. In addition to the initial OS installation, you should take care of the entire server, including maintenance, upgrades, uptime, performance, outages, security, backups, etc.

Unmanaged VPS hosting gives you full control and flexibility so that you can freely to manage the following things:

  • You have full root access to change or modify your information, but no one else can.
  • Your server is under your control completely, and it has great scalability so that you can install applications and software as you want.
  • You can personalize and protect your server freely, setting host accounts, managing email, and collecting payments from your clients.

Besides these advantages, unmanaged VPS hosting is quite financially economical. It is always affordable because of no cPanel and technical support. However, the promise is that you know Linux / Windows operating system well, and can handle all the technical problems.

Which VPS Hosting is Better For You?

which vps hosting to chooseBoth managed and unmanaged VPS hosting have their advantages, and it’s hard to make the choice. Before deciding which VPS hosting plan is right for your websites, ask yourself these questions:

  • What kind of applications do you want to use?
  • Do you have the technical knowledge of server management?
  • Can you afford managed VPS hosting so that you can focus your efforts on the website content

There are hundreds of web hosts offering a large number of VPS hosting solutions. Most famous companies are overpriced the hosting solutions, but only a few of those are reliable and affordable. Before choosing a specific VPS hosting solution, you need to make sure your requirements with the following questions.

  • How much disk and bandwidth does your site need?
  • What is your average traffic growth rate?
  • How much CPU and memory do you require to run your business efficiently?
  • How much does your budget?

Be clear to your needs, and you can find out a perfect VPS hosting solution which is affordable and can totally satisfy your requirements. If you still don’t know how to pick up a right VPS hosting, you can follow the expert’s opinion.

The Best VPS Hosting Choice

After reviewing hundreds of VPS hosting plans, we recommend BlueHost as the best VPS hosting choice. Starting at $14.99/mo, BlueHost VPS comes with advanced cloud technology, enhanced cPanel control panel, root access, guaranteed server resources, instant provisioning and multi-account management. With solid Anytime money back guarantee, you can be completely assured for purchasing its service. You can read BlueHost VPS review for more information, or visit bluehost.com.


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