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How to Manage WordPress Media via Folders

How to Manage WordPress Media via Folders

No matter you are running an e-commerce site, a personal blog site, a special portfolio and many others, there must be a large number of images uploaded on your WordPress site. It is true that WordPress has its own media manager from the dashboard. However, if you have a large number of images on your site, the media management via the default tool can be hard. To save you from struggling with this bad situation, we’d like to tell you how to manage WordPress media via folders. In this case, you can manage all your website media based on the use of these items and how you want to access them.

Make Use of the Media File Manager

Here, we recommend you to make use of the Media File Manager plugin. With it, you can create the sub-directories in your media upload directory. Upon the creation, this plugin will change the path name in the database accordingly. In addition, with the default file-selector, you can pick up the media directly from the sub-directories or sub-folders via the editing screen.

Finish the Plugin Configuration

After the plugin installation, you firstly should decide who have the permission to use this plugin. In this case, you can click the Settings > Media File Manager button. Here, you can choose the exact user roles that can use the file manager and the file selector.

Media File Manager Settings

By default, only people who have the administrator user role can use the manager.

Manage Your Media Items

Now, you can click the Media > Media File Manager button in the admin panel. Here, you can find that this plugin already categorizes all your media based on the uploading time. Also, there are two main media directories you can use. For the better and easy management, you can rename them based on your needs.

Media File Manager

Now, you can open each sub-directory to check your media items by double clicking it. Note that only the main media files can be listed. Some additional files such as the alternative-sized items or the backup files are not on the list.

Here, you can right click on the images to preview or to rename them as you want.

Media Preview and Rename

In addition, you can move the media items to another main directory. For this, you simply need to click the checkboxes of your target images and open the target folders or sub-directories of another directory. After that, you simply should hit the triangle icon to point your target items to the destination.

If you want to add some other sub-directories, you only need to click the yellow plus icon, enter the name and hit the OK button. Also, you can right click the current sub-directories to preview, rename and delete them.

Use the File Selector

After managing all your media items, now, you can use the exclusive File Selector in the editing screen. With it, yo can filter the media files by your existing folders and file types. Also, it supports the tile-style viewing that is useful if you forget the image name.

After entering the editing screen, you can hit the Media Selector button. Then, a popup window can appear that contains all your media items. Here, you can choose your target by choosing the directory and media type. Also, you can decide to display the images in the list style or in the tile style.

Media Selector


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