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How to Manage and Control Your Post Series in WordPress

How to Manage and Control Your Post Series in WordPress

When coming out the web content of your website, it is possible that you want to write down a series of posts to cover a large topic. Frankly speaking, the short articles have less attraction to most common readers. People are willing to read the lengthy articles to get the detailed information for something. Due to this, the content series can be a great content type for you. And this time, we’d like to tell you how to manage and control your post series in WordPress.

In fact, you can use the built-in taxonomy feature of WordPress to form a list of blog posts into the special series. However, this requires you to generate the special template and edit the code for this taxonomy. This is not convenient if you are uncomfortable of writing the code. In this case, the utilization of plugin can ease your headache.

Install and Set Up the Organize Series Plugin

Among all the available related plugins, we highly recommend you to try the Organize Series plugin. This plugin allows you to organize and present the posts that are parts of the series easily. And also, your readers can find out all the series and related articles from your site effortlessly.

It leverages the WordPress taxonomy feature in an effective manner. In this case, with the installation of this plugin, you can find a new taxonomy part in addition to the default category and tags options.

Finish the General Settings

Now, you can click the Settings > Series Options button to make some settings. Here, you can decide the core options in the following.

  • Showcase the list box for the posts that are parts of the series.
  • Display the navigation links of the series so that readers can check all the series posts easily.
  • Show the meta information of the series with all the related posts.
  • Choose the theme for the effective showcase of the series list box.
  • Decide the number of series you are looking to showcase on the Series TOC page.
  • Enter the custom base of the series.
  • Determine the order you want the series posts to be showcased.
  • Select the exact width for the series icon options.

Organize Series Settings

Create the New Series

To create the new series, you have two choices. The first one is to click the Posts > Manage Series button. Here, you can add the new options just like you add the new tags and categories.

New Series

Or, you can open the post editing screen. From the right side, you can find a new meta box of Series. Here, you can enter the series name in the blank field and click the Add button.

Series Meta Box

In addition, you can enter the number in the Series Part box. The number simply decides the order of the posts to be showcased in the whole series. If you leave it blank, the post will be appended to the rest post series automatically.

Now, the series box will showcase just like the following.

Series Sample

Also, you can showcase the series list in the sidebar location using the Last Series widget. If so, you should determine the order for the post showcase and the number of series to display. For each series posts, you can enter their editing screen to provide the short title that can appear in the sidebar. If you leave the field blank, the sidebar will display the full title.


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