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How to Make Your WordPress Site Design Shining

How to Make Your WordPress Site Design Shining

No matter what you want to do with your WordPress powered site, the first thing you need to do is making the design shining. After all, people view the overall appearance firstly when they enter this website, so you have to make it as attractive and unique as possible to pique readers’ attention, ending up going through your compelling content for further information.

Have no ideas where to start for achieving this goal? Here, we have listed some top easy ways to customize your WordPress site, so it doesn’t die away in this internet ocean.

Choose the Most Appropriate WordPress Theme

choose proper themeThis is undoubtedly the most effective way to make your site shining and eye-catching, for an appropriate theme makes a good first impression to your visitors. However, as researched, not every webmaster can use this method correctly. Some of them even choose a totally wrong theme that causes devaluation to their website. In the following, we have shared some of our experience on how to pick a right theme.


There are so many rich-featured WordPress themes available online that come with a lot of complex functions and a complicated overall design. It might look good for display, but it is absolutely not the best for flexibility as all the features are fixed. Besides, some people may feel confused about your layout and arrangement if there are so many parts squeezing into your website at one time. If you really need a theme that has a lot going on, we sincerely suggest you choosing a simple one as it is easy to modify that can assure you a high level of customization.

Browser Compatibility

Always remember to make sure that the WordPress theme you choose is compatible with all browsers such as Goggle, IE, and Firefox. After all, it is important that your content can perform perfectly for everyone who visits it, and you are not leaving any of your readers behind.

Style Differentiation

SimplicityLast but the most important, you have to pick a theme that is related to your niche, industry, business, and audience, otherwise your visitors may hold a negative impression about your professionalism and expertise. Generally, you can see some terms like “e-commerce” or “portfolio” used to describe themes of different types. These terms are useful for you to identify which category this theme fits into, and whether it is suitable for your website.

Here, we suggest you to check this post for more information about where to find a suitable theme.

Decide a User-Friendly Navigation

The navigation is another critical factor that determines whether your site design is good or not. According to our investigation, however, many webmasters just have done a poor job in this aspect with a bad navigation. For instance, some of them place their navigation bars at a non-standard location using generic labels, and others insert the drop down menus with too many items at one time.

Commonly, there are two types for the placement of the navigation bar – horizontal text-based and vertical text-based. As surveyed, the majority of webmasters choose the former option, so you can opt for the latter type to create something unique. Besides, to add more attraction, we highly suggest you getting into a fancy work to integrate the navigation with some compelling icons, graphics, and descriptive words. See an example as below.


Pay Attention to Fonts

Instead of using the same font for all of your textual content, you’d better choose two primary types and use them for the title and body part respectively throughout your whole site. This step can add some diversification, creating an impression that you care much about the reading experience of your visitors.

Note that, never use tiny fonts on your website as this is one of the worst design mistakes. After all, if your readers have to strain their eyes to figure out what you have written, they might leave your site at once no matter how great the content is.

Set Search Boxe

Always remember that your website is just like an archive of information, which needs to be searched easily by visitors. To achieve this, a search box with an obvious placement is essential, but many people just ignore this part, causing great inconvenience to readers searching for some specific articles.

Here, we highly recommend using the Google Custom Search Engine – a neat and user-friendly tool that enables you to add a search box on the homepage, helping people find what they need on your site with ease. To use this tool, you only need to click the New Search Engine button on its home page, finish all the steps required based on your real situation and needs, and paste the code that you get into your site wherever you want this search box to appear.

Google Search Engine

Insert Images to the Post Poperly

Images are undoubtedly helpful to improve the diversity of your post content, but it doesn’t mean you can overuse this method. We have found that many people just insert a large number of photographs, which reduces the level of readability and legibility to a large extent. It is true that attractive images can grab readers’ attention, but their ultimate goal is to read textual content and acquire the information they need.

Add Eye-Catching Featured Image

Before publishing your post, you’d better create and add a featured image – a tiny photograph that is displayed next to your post title. This is used to describe the main topic of this article, and attract your readers to click on it for further reading. Thus, you need to select it carefully and place at the right location.

According to our experience, there is no need to choose an image that is totally related to your post, but it must be interesting and meaningful. Besides, the best placement is at the top of the post title or left aligned.

Featured Image


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