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How to Make WordPress Blog Private? - Simple Beginners' Guide

How to Make WordPress Blog Private? – Simple Beginners’ Guide

Do you want to use WordPress but without others to see your content? Do you hope to make your blog absolutely private and only read by yourself? Don’t worry. This article comes with detailed tutorial helping you block the WordPress blog from search engines or make it entirely private.

Why and Who Make WordPress Blogs Private?

make WordPress privateWordPress is a superior blogging platform used by all kinds of people and businesses. Because of the ease of use, it is popular for building personal blogs to write diaries and record life. The content is indexed by Google and other search engines as your site is online, which may bring a lot of people to read your articles.

However, some people don’t want to publish their content to others and only they or their friends can read it because of the particular usages, such as

  • They build a personal blog for recording family events, baby growth, wedding images, and more.
  • They create a site for writing personal diaries online.
  • They build the blog for a team working projects and hope only their partners can see it.
  • They develop the site for classroom or friends circles and hope the site only can be accessible by the verified users.
  • And more…

No matter what your purpose is, you don’t need to worry, and the WordPress offers an excellent functionality to enable users to set the privacy and make their blogs private. In the below, we just share you the easy methods to make your blog completely private or block it from search engines.

Create a Private Post

If you just don’t want strangers to see a specific post/page, there is no need to make the entire blog private, but you can create a password protected post or make it wholly personal. For the password protected post, you can send the password to your friends and families, and they can view the content by filling in the password.

The operation is quite easy. You can set the password information in the Post Editor. Log into your dashboard, go to Posts -> Add New, entire your title and content and then you can set the restrictions within the Publish sidebar.

publish sidebar

Click on Edit link besides the Visibility, and then you can see three options as Publish (default option), Password protected, and Private. For creating a password protected post, you can select the second option and fill in your password, or you can directly choose the last option to set the post private. At last, click OK button to save changes.

set post visibility

Finally, you can publish your post. And now, your post is password protected or private – based on your settings.

Block a WordPress Site from Search Engines

If you don’t want your site appear on search result page, you can block it from search engines like Google. Go to Settings -> Reading, and then you can select the check box of Search Engine Visibility to discourage search engines from indexing this site.

reading settings

At last, remember to click the below button to save changes.

In this case, search engines wouldn’t index your site or display your content within the search result pages. However, people who know the site domain are also accessible to read your content by directly entering the domain name in the address bar of browsers.

If you want to make the blog complete individual and view by yourself, just follow the next method and make it personally private for only you.

Allow Registration On the Own

As readers must get registered and logged in to view your website, you need to allow the self-registrations for all the common visitors. For this, you should go through two steps.

  • Go to the General Settings of WordPress to enable the registration function and decide the default user role to Subscriber.
  • Go back to the plugin setting page and scroll down to the Allow Self-Restriction area. Here, you should tick two boxes for Membership and Revel Restriction Page.

Make a WordPress Blog Private with Plugin

With the robust Plugins architecture, we can make use of a helpful plugin to make a WordPress blog private. For instance, Private Only is one of the best WordPress plugin for set a private blog. It redirects all non-logged users to the login form and only enables your verified friends or family to see and read your content.

To make use of its functionality, first you need to install and activate the plugin in your admin panel. Then, you can go to Settings -> private Only Custom Login to set the confirmations.

private only settings

On this page, you are able to configure the custom login by setting public page, logo, logo height. Still, you can use WordPress logo or use custom CSS as you like. By saving changes, you are successful to make the site private.


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