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How to Make a Simple Staff List or a Team Page in WordPress

How to Make a Simple Staff List or a Team Page in WordPress

A simple staff list is accepted by most business websites consisting of a large number of employees, for which is a great method to display staff presence. The list should include staff avatars, true name, a brief self-introduction, job title, achievements, or something else. It leaves visitors who access to your website for the first time deep impression.

For developers, making a meet our team page with complicated code is nothing difficult. However, if you are a green hand and have no stomach for any solutions hard to understand, the use of WordPress plugin can give you a leg up. The selected plugin in the following guide is Simple Staff List, which helps you create a professional staff list in a simple way.

Install & Activate Simple Staff List

Access to the Plugins > Add New page via your WordPress dashboard and search for the result as below. Click “Install Now” to install this plugin and turn to plugin activation page. “Activate Plugin” to make Simple Staff List work for your website smoothly.

Install Simple Staff List Plugin

Make a Simple Staff List

An item called Staff Members comes out for the convenience of customization. Since there is no member available in the Staff Members list, go to Staff Members > Add New to create the first info page for your team.

Add New Staff Member

Enter the name of the first member and the permalink would be automatically generated as http://yourwebsite.com/staff-members/staff-name. The next stop is Staff Photo and this is where to add a featured image of this person. “Staff Member Info” mode requires the personal information of position, email, phone, Facebook URL and Twitter Username.

If the given options cannot fully show your staff, then you should go with “Staff Member Bio”. Add more shining points to this area and that can be anything reflecting personal value. Finally, click “Publish” button to make this member page public. In the same way, add as many members to the list as needed.

All Staff Members

Create staff groups

If there are too many members to manage, go to Staff Members > Groups and create various groups to hold members. Give your first group a proper name and enter a URL-friendly slug in the blank. Describe this group briefly to leave visitors an initial impression. Click “Add New Group” after having all settings done. Create more groups for better management if needed.

Add New Group

If you need to add a member to certain group, then you should go to Staff Members > All Staff Members and “Edit” the targeted staff. There is a Groups mode including all groups you have created just now. Select one group to hold this member and then click “Update” to confirm all changes.

Add Member to Group

And then, move on to Staff Members > Order and this is where to rank all members in a proper order. Move mouse to a cross mark and then drag & drop the respective staff member to anywhere as needed, which is easy to handle.

Order Staff

Staff template

The “Templates” page shows you various tags for template customization. You can modify the default “Staff Loop Template” so as to add more details to a member page. Note that, all tags should be encircled by [staff_loop] and [/staff_loop]. “Save All Changes” in the end.

Staff Loop Template

Embed staff list

In addition, the “Usage” page enables several shortcodes for you to insert the staff list to certain pages or posts, among which [simple-staff-list] is the common-used one. This shortcode displays all staff members in the list. However, if you just need to display a group of members instead of publishing all, then you should go with [simple-staff-list group=”Robots”]. Note that, the Robots should be replaced to the selected group name.

As we have mentioned before, the default permalink of each staff member page is http://yourwebsite.com/staff-members/staff-name. If you are not satisfied with the staff-member slug, go to Staff Members > Options to replace the default slug to another one. Click “Save All Changes” to come to an end.

In addition to Simple Staff List, there are more plugins available for you to make a staff list or meet our team page, such as:

  • Staffer – A powerful WordPress plugin helps you manage and customize staff profile page with ease.
  • Coaching Staffs – As the name suggests, this plugin is designed for staffs coaching. Display staff member information in coacher galleries, coach bios and tabular rosters.
  • Simple Schools Staff Directory – Great for schools, universities and colleges who need to showcase school members and events on website.


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