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How to Make Money via Twitter?

How to Make Money via Twitter?

Twitter is a social media network with won millions of users worldwide. It is commonly used to share daily life online in the forms of post, image, video and quota. And also, it is used for business promotion and making money, for example, some people integrate it with websites and add Twitter Follow button in WordPress.

Frankly, there are multiple ways to make money on this popular platform, and all the methods are easy to handle. For some people are in a dilemma and cannot decide how to make money on Twitter, here, we write the following guide to help them solve this problem with ease.

Advertise Products and Services

advertise products and servicesFor Twitter is free and allows all users to publish what they want unless something illegal on the Internet, it owns millions of fans in the world and has become increasingly popular among users. Some people make full use of this advantage to advertise their products and services on this platform and let more people know their business.

When running a business website, you can promote the products on this social media as many as you need and add a link to each item. If visitors are interested in something, they can click the link and access to your website to get more information. Actually, this is also a good way to increase your website traffic. Note that, only if you get more followers on twitter, your brand will be known by more people.

Post Sponsored Tweets

When some companies plan to advertise their products on the Internet, they may have a heavy demand on promoting their products on other websites. Actually, getting more promotional messages or articles has been regarded as one of the most useful ways to increase brand awareness. The webmasters prefer to ask for marketers to write some paid posts to promote their products.

If you are interested in tweeting and have got a large quantity of followers on Twitter, you can make money by publishing promotional posts about a certain product or service. For example, you can descript the real using experience about a certain product and even post the image of this product on Twitter. When people read your tweets and buy the item, you can get paid from the sponsors.

Honestly, posting sponsored tweets is really a great to make money on Twitter easily and quickly. You can get such a good chance from some buying and selling ads websites, like buysellads.com.

post sponsored tweets

Share an Affiliate Link

Almost all the websites launch affiliate programs, like amazon.com, and they are willing to cooperate with partners in the market. People are allowed to share the links that are added to each item on their on their individual site, blogs or social media. If customers purchase the product through this shared link, the partner will be paid a certain amount of money.

You can properly promote the products that you are affiliate for by sharing the affiliate link on Twitter, adding an eye-catching image or an attractive description to this link so that more people can notice this link at the first sight.

Provide Buy Twitter Followers Service

Many people wish to get a large number of followers instantly on their Twitter accounts. As a matter of fact, it is a lengthy progress to get tens of thousands of followers in a short time, as well as a time-consuming work for most users. In this case, some Buy Twitter Followers services appear in the market, like Devumi, FastFollowerz, Twitter Boost, and so on, providing customers with as many followers as they want. Once people purchase the service, the providers can get paid as well.

If you are a technician or developer, you can try to develop this kind of service and sell it to others. For a massive demand on Twitter followers, you are bound to make a big profit on this service.


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