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How to Make Money Online Through WordPress Websites?

How to Make Money Online Through WordPress Websites?

For people wishing to make money online but have no idea where to start, this post is really helpful with the following methods for online monetization.

Without doubt, website is a great platform for generating profits due to its tremendous popularity. Successful webmasters just can make a six figure income overnight via so many different ways. Thus, if you are the one wishing to know how to monetize your site effectively without too many investments, then here is the right place.

Make Money Online with the Help of Advertising

Advertising is the most common but an effective way to make money online. By placing an advertisement on website, you can simply earn a commission each time when readers seeing or clicking the ads. You can add ads wherever you want, including sidebar widgets, footers, headers, in-text links, and many more. However, you should put ads some places attractive. After all, the better place you put the ads are, the more clicks you get and the more money you earn.

Google Adsense is a free program that empowers online websites to make money by displaying ads. It encourages websites to place ads for goods or services that are relevant to the content of your website. In return, you get some money when the ad is displayed on your page or clicked on.

Google AdSense

Moreover, you can directly sell your ad space to advertisers. However, unless your website has accumulated a large number of visitors, it’s hard to manage and make huge money by selling ad space.

Become an Affiliate for Businesses

Becoming an affiliate for businesses is a fantastic method to get income online. The affiliate promotes products or services from a brand they registered. You can typically get a percentage of sales revenue or earn a fixed commission per sale.

In this case, choosing a good company or affiliate is essential for online success. For example, Amazon has an amazing affiliate program, which gives you a percentage of sales if you refer people to buys goods by clicking through your affiliate links.

Sincerely, we recommend you choose a product with a high price so that you can get much money for each sale. Especially, some web hosts like BlueHost gives up to $65 per referral if you drive customers to sign up its web hosting solutions.

Affiliate Program

Sell Products Online

WordPress is powerful to build online stores. So you can easily make money by selling products online. Just as opening a store on eBay.com, you can sell products on your own website as you like. As well, you can determine the profits and sale prices at a reasonable level, so it’s really easy make money from the store.

Selling WordPress themes is a big business in the WordPress field. For example, Elegant Themes, ThemeForest, Mojo Themes are some successful samples. In addition, the premium WordPress plugin marketplace is very strong. We can see the prospects from CodeCanyon, and even a single plugin developer can to well in this job.

On the other hand, you can also sell music, photos, e-book, app, articles, and other digital products on the website. Although each one is cheap, you can simply make a lot of money when there are thousands of downloads.

Offer Services

Offering services is one of the most lucrative methods of making money via website, for you don’t need to make any investment, but leverage your knowledge only. To put it simply, once you have the valuable skill for some specific requirements like graphic design, website building, and some consultancies, then you can provide a relevant service via your site.

Unlike merchandising online that require you to spend a lot of time and energy in front of computer, this method only needs you to create a “Hire Me” or “Service” page, and then you can make money with the expertise you have gained.

Note that this method is most suitable for college students and freelancers.

Write Paid Posts

paid postsYes, you can also earn money by publishing paid posts on your website, containing some professional contents like SEO techniques and specific product reviews. You can do this only when you have built an authority in your niche, and have a large reader base in your site. If you are new to this money-making method, then pay attention not to alienate loyal visitors who used to reading everything for free on your site.

Custom Design Work

If you are a designer or good at designing, you can start custom design work on WordPress websites. You can design for websites, products, and brands online. As well, you can also sell your design work in the online store. Even if you earn a few dollars per work, you can make a large amount of money when hundreds of customer purchasing it.

Moreover, you can design WordPress theme to make money. Based on your own website, you can easily learn about the theme and create a stunning theme with your own design. Then, you can sell it on your website or on the professional marketplace like Theme Forest.

Write Commercial Article

As a blogger, you may be good at writing. In order to make money through the websites, you can write promotional article for specific products or services. By writing articles to recommend a product or service, you can always get some remuneration for your work.

In addition, you can publish review posts on your own blog in exchange for money. There are many companies and individuals want their products and services to be reviewed or discussed online. You can try their products or services and then write about the experience.

Do Donations

donationsAsking for donation is also an effective way for income acceleration. You can add a donation button to your sitethat ask readers to make a donation to keep this blog alive. To grab visitors’ attention, you can put an interesting tagline such as if you like this site, why not buy me a piece of cake?

Include RSS Feed Ads

If you are using traffic-based ads, which get you paid according to the number of page views you receives, then you’d better include ads in your RSS feeds. This is because RRS offers great convenience for readers to know the latest update happened in your site, without the need to check the site constantly throughout the day. If they are interested in what you have added, they’ll go for it immediately.

There are a lot of advertising options within feeds, among which we highly recommend Feedburner.

Build and Sell Your Blog

We have found that many professional webmasters also make profits by selling their popular sites to large companies or famous brands. They just set up a site and build a large audience base with their professional techniques. Then, they turn around and sell it at a profit.


These are the most common methods for making money online with WordPress websites. No matter you just want to earn a little income or make a big splash on the website, it’s all possible on WordPress websites. Most importantly, you need to make clear that only has a famous website with a lot of visits, you can easily make money through the website.


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