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How to Make Money Online with iTunes Affiliate

How to Make Money Online with iTunes Affiliate

With the tremendous popularity of Apple series, iTunes has stepped into our spotlight gradually. Initially, it is regarded as a media player or a media library that allows people to search, play, and download numerous digital audio or video materials on their computers or Apple products. At present, however, Apple Inc has released an affiliate program, which provides you with a unique way for making money online.

buy appIn fact, this is pretty simple if you have joined an affiliate program as before. You only need to get the legal authenticate from iTunes, and put some special affiliate links on your popular website that can redirect to iTunes content such songs, apps, books, movies, TV shows and many more. Then, you can earn your commission from the sales generated by these links.

In the following, we have listed the detailed steps concerning about how to make money from iTunes affiliate program with ease.

Apply Now

At the very beginning, you need to sign up to be an affiliate. Simply click here and hit on the Apply Now button.

In this next screen, you are required to fill out an application form that includes the contact information and the profile information. After finishing these and approving the PHG terms and conditions, you need to wait for up to five business days for application review.

sign up

As your application might be rejected, you’d better avoid the following situations:

  • The website is still under construction.
  • You offer a social network account but not a website URL.
  • The application includes some illegal or offensive content.
  • Your domain name has an Apple trademark.

When you set up the account, you need to pay attention to the username and the e-mail address, for these 2 factors cannot be changed at later days. Your e-mail address, in particular, will receive all the program communications and reporting.

Create Links

If you receive an e-mail informing that your application is accepted by iTunes, it means you are the member of their affiliate program. At this time, you can create links for profit generation via sales.

Note that the commission is based on the special affiliate- encoded links, so you cannot link to iTunes store by simply copying the URL, but use some specific tools or resources listed in the following.

  • Affiliate Badges
    itunes badgeYou can get the links by using the affiliate badges. After all, the badges for iTunes, App Store, iBooks Store and Mac App Store can be recognized by people all over the world. You can get them from the Link Maker tool or through its Affiliate Resources page. Note that you need to follow the Identity Guideline carefully before using this method.
  • Linking Tools
    It is pretty simple to create links with the linking tools, which include Link Maker, Auto Link Maker, Widget Builder, RSS Feed Generator, Banner Builder, Advanced Linking Tools, and many more. With these tools, you can link to songs, albums, apps, and movies as many as you want.

Set Up the Payment Information

paymentIn order to receive the commission, you need to offer your bank information, choose the tracked currency, and decide the minimum payment threshold. To do this, simply go to the PHG dashboard, and click Payment Method under Setting category. Then, you can configure this part based on the real situation.

Focus on Your Website

Now, you only need to focus on your site content to attract as many link clicks as possible. You can check how much you have earned by running the sale report and commission report via your affiliate account dashboard.


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