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How to Make Money Online in College Life?

How to Make Money Online in College Life?

make money onlineMost college students want to have extra money, but often suck on don’t know methods to make money. Besides, many of the online programs are big scams, and even tempt you to spend more money. So we collect a list of truly effective methods in this article, so that you can learn how to make money online in your college life without affecting your study.

Flip Domain Names

Domain names are useful if they are some widely used keywords. Some people make living by flipping them. Some short and straight forwarding domain names have already been registered. However, you can buy some random acronyms as you never know when a person or company will need such one. As well, you can register some creative domain names. In general, we suggest you use the keywords which are trending and efficiency.

Sell Ads on Website

Ad networks like Google AdSense pay huge money to display its ads on your website, and you can gain some money when someone click the advertisement. So creating a personal website or blog and displaying the ads for some brands, you can be easy to make money from your site. Even you can display the ads on your social network profile. It may bring a worse user experience for your site, but if you place you ads in well place, it is possible to make a big income form your site. For some successful bloggers, they may make thousands of money each money. Overall, this method is very promising.

Have an Online Store

As eCommerce is increasingly popular, more and more people like shopping online so you can make money by opening an online store. Getting an online store on the third party platforms like eBay.com, Amazon.com, etc, or creating an eCommerce website with WordPress, you can be easy to startup your business.

eBay is really a good place to open a store because you don’t need to invest money to get started. However, personally, we recommend you create an eCommerce website with which you can sell products as well as advertisements at the same time.

As well, the products are always a concern of colleges because they don’t have enough time to go to the wholesale market. However, you can sell virtual services, stock photos, e-books, apps, musics and more. Even you can sell the used books.

Have an Online Store

Affiliate Marketing

This is one of the best choices for a web based business. Maybe you are hoping to open a store but upset without proper products, you can sell other’s stuff by a commission. There are plenty of choices available, such as digital products, e-books, and even web hosting service which is one of the best services to affiliate market because you can just sell the service but don’t need to handle the after-work.

Open a Blog

Opening a blog, you can easily make money online. With your own blog, you can write some marketing articles to promote products, with which you can get some advertisement money or affiliate commission. As well, many website owners and bloggers pay for a review of their site or products. So you can write paid review on your blog.

Sincerely, we recommend you start a self hosted blog so that you can write articles and gain ad revenues. Generally, going with BlueHost is a good option to start a blog because you can spend $2.95/mo to get an online blog with ease. Moreover, a free domain name is included.

Tweet For Sponsors

There is an online platform named SponsoredTweets.com, which allows users to make money online on Twitter. You can set the amount you want to get paid for each tweet you make, choose a category and select keywords you want to work with, then you can just wait for advertisers to contact you. Through the entire process, you have full control over your Twitter account, and can freely choose what to tweets.

Become a Virtual Assistant

make money online as a virtual assistantIf you don’t want to open a store, or not skillful for writing, you can even become a virtual assistant. Some small business can’t afford a full time assistant, so they prefer to hire part time assistants to save money. Thanks to the Internet, no matter where the companies are, you can work at home or school. Overall, this job is flexible, consistent, and relative high income that virtual assistants can earn $20 per hour in some business like hooking travel tickets, interacting with clients, and so on.

Design & Write Articles

If you are good at designing, writing, or other jobs, or you are major in these aspects, you can make money from these. You can design for websites, products, and brands online, or you can sell your design works on eBay store. If you are familiar with SEO knowledges, you can write for Ehow.com and get paid from each article you have written. As well, you can write your own blog, for some brands, products, and more.


Some of the above jobs may need some time to finish or cannot make money at first, but all of them are 100% working and don’t interrupt your school life. By doing a part time job, you can make extra money definitely, increase the understanding of the real world and jobs, and learn to apply the knowledge you learned from books into practices and improve your practical ability.


Joyce is a professional writer & SEOer who loves trying new things and sharing the experience through blogging. She loves clean design, playing with different WordPress themes, SEO, etc. Very often, you could find her in various WordPress event as invited speakers.