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How to Make Money on Facebook?

How to Make Money on Facebook?

With the fast growing of the Internet, now, it has become a commercial world where people can make money in various ways. For example, people get money from WordPress websites, Google Adsense, Forums, as well as many social media. Today, we are going to give practical advice about how to make money on Facebook.

As one of the most popular social media on the Internet, there are millions of people using Facebook to share their daily lives, make friends, and express their mood and ideas. Based on its large users, many people start to consider Facebook as a profitable platform. We summarized some useful and effective ways to help readers get revenues on Facebook on the basis forefathers’ experience.

Promoting Affiliate Advertising

There are a number of companies that offer affiliate programs that allow you to share their product link. Then, they pay you a part of the revenue according to how much money you generate. For example, Amazon provides such a program that pays you a percentage of money after someone buying their product from your post link. If you want to do this, then, you need to finish the following steps.


  1. Find affiliate advertising – Now, more and more small businesses as well as famous companies begin to offer affiliate advertising for the public. Thus, it is easy for people to find one. For example, you can search Affiliate Advertising on Facebook or Google, and there are thousands of useful results.
  2. Sign up for it – After deciding to be an affiliate, the next step is to inform the company your decision. Go to the company website and fill up the required format that is usually free of charge.
  3. Give product link to on Facebook – After this, you can try to share their products on your Facebook pages. Then, as soon as people buy the products through your pages, you can get money from the sponsor company.

Sell Ads

Facebook offers ads section for every user, which allows people to put ads in it. Thus, if you have a large number of followers, business people will come to you and pay you for putting ads on your Facebook homepage. In this way, all your followers can see the ads when they visit your Facebook. However, if there is no one comes to you, you can also seek opportunities by social media or search engines.

Helping Sponsors to Get More Email Subscriber

Email is an essential method to promote business and increase fans; therefore, many companies put much importance on increasing their email subscribers. Usually, those companies provide email marketing progress that is profitable for social media users. Actually, making money from increasing subscriber works the same way as promoting affiliate ads. Sponsors pay some money for Facebook owners only if the subscriber sent is qualified for gender, age, location, interests, and so on so forth.

emailTo achieve this, you need to get enough Facebook followers on Facebook, and then classify them in different groups according to mentioned criteria. Then, you post different company information to different groups for the best effect. This is a win-win method for it not only caters the followers’ interests, but also earns money for you at maximum possibility.

Publish Sponsored Posts

Nowadays, more and more business man realized the importance of product fame and company image. Thus, those business owners are willing to spend money on improving their brand influence. Among all the methods, they love to pay money for Facebook owners with large amount of followers to write positive judgment of their brand or product. Thus, as long as you get enough followers, you can make money by publishing sponsored posts.

Selling Your Own Products

To be honest, the former two methods can only get a small portion of the product profit. However, if you have your own online business, then, you can get all the profit from the promoted stuffs. As you are posting your own site, you can have a more clear idea about targeted customers and what kind of characteristics they need to be of. Therefore, you can purposely develop followers that meet your requirements.

What’s more, because the fact that you are selling your own stuffs, you bound to know more about the products. Thus, you can post their advantages, specialties, usability, and discounts as detailed as possible. In this way, you not only improve selling and website reputation, but also bring traffic to your business website.


Lucy has been a very experienced SEOer, technical writer, web developer, c# developer since 2002. Now she owns a startup in San Francisco, CA, focusing on running a couple of blogs to share knowledge and experience with global readers and deliver exceptional results to global sponsors by leveraging the power of Internet.