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How to Make an Internal Communication System by Using WordPress and P2 Theme

How to Make an Internal Communication System by Using WordPress and P2 Theme

Internal communication system is a great method to get to know your employees and promote relationship of all members. Since most webmasters make a hit with WordPress by means of various plugins and themes for any knotty issues, we are going to show you how to make an internal communication system by using this great site building platform. The method selected in this guide to give you a leg up is P2 theme.

P2 theme enables a forum looking for your site and leaves enough room for internal communication. Since many readers know little of this theme, we brief on what is P2 theme as below and then explain how to set up it becomingly.

Brief on the P2 Theme

P2 theme, also called “Faster Blogging”, thinks a lot of blogging speed improvement. This powerful theme is also great to change your site into an internal communication system, which displays any latest updates on an intuitive dashboard. In this way, all members involved in your business get to know each other on that platform, and that encourages them to share experience with others actively.

p2 theme

Once enabling this functional theme on your website, it is available to publish posts directly on frontend instead of doing so via WordPress dashboard. Visitors can feel free to comment any posts you have updated just now. Frankly, it is just like a social network where to share daily life with followers.

Install P2 Theme

Access to WordPress.org and this is where to search and download P2 theme. Get a result as the following screenshot and then click “Download”.

download p2 theme

Be clear about the root access for the theme zip file and go to WordPress dashboard > Appearance > Theme > Add New > Upload Theme. “Choose File” from your computer and click “Install Now”. When turning to “Installing Theme from uploaded file: p2.1.5.5.zip” page, click “Activate” to make P2 theme into effect in real time.

upload p2 theme

Set Up P2 Theme

Having P2 theme installed successfully, you should get started to set up this theme so as to make it work for your site properly. Before everything, have a quick view on all general settings of P2 theme via Appearance > Theme Options.

p2 theme options

There are two sections on the whole to customize P2 theme, including Functionality Options and Design Options. Functionality Options is where to set permissions for posting and commenting, which is further divided into “Posting Access” and “Hide Thread”. It depends on your decision whether to allow any registered member to post and enable high comment threads by default on all non-single views.

The second section “Design Options” is where to customize background color, background image, sidebar display, post prompt and post titles. Pick a color from the color disk, which enables unlimited schemes for you to highlight website background. In addition to the background with solid color, 6 images are available for making a elegant backgournd. Select one of the most suitable one or skip this step by checking “None” option.

In some cases, sidebar is regarded as an eyesore in an internal communication system. The “Sidebar display” option is used to remove sidebar by checking “Hide the sidebar”. Figure out a post prompt or leave it blank by using the default one “Whatcha up to?” And then, displaying titles or not is for you to decide. Finally, click “Update Options” to confirm all changes.

Set Permissions for Registration & Commenting

Having done P2 theme setup, you should turn to Settings > General and this is where to set permissions for user registration. By default, WordPress disables any registration on your website so that no one is allowed to sign up an account and leave comments in that way. As thus, you should broaden user registration permission by checking “Any one can register” option under “Membership”. “Save changes” and move to the next step.

any one can register

In this way, users are encouraged to leave discussions on your website without limitation. However, since there are more and more spammers leaving spam comments on your web page intentionally, you should forbid comment spam with valid methods and prevent unregistered visitors from commenting any web content. Go to Settings > Discussion and check “Users must be registered and logged in to comment”.

discussion settings

If there is no explicit direction for login and registration, users have no way to participate in the internal communication. To avoid such embarrassing situation, make a room for login and registration by adding RSS widget to sidebar or using a WordPress login plugin. The selected plugin in the following steps is Custom Login.

Go to Plugins > Add New. Search and install Custom Login plugin upon activation. After completing the plugin installation, go to Settings > Custom Login to customize the background, logo, form and something else for your login area. Click “Save Design Settings” to confirm all changes.

login design settings

You are allowed to modify the design settings at any time if needed. After customizing login area design as you pleased, you need to set about displaying it on sidebar. To do so, go to Settings > Custom Login and target General Settings interface. Check the first option “Allow Custom Login to Hook into WordPress” to make this plugin work for your site smoothly.

activate custom login

Move to the “Notices” mode and that is further divided into two options including “Admin notices” and “Dashboard widget”. Check the second option “Show a dashboard widget, like WordPress news for…” to display a login area on your web page. Note that, other settings are also available for you to take a good use of this plugin. Make some changes according to personal needs and then “Save General Settings”.

Customize the Appearance of P2 Theme

Go to Appearance > Customize and this is where to customize the general settings for your internal communication system appearance, in terms of site title, text color, background color, navigation bar, and so on. Make a change to all those options as needed.

P2 theme enables two widgets for the display of recent comments and recent tags on sidebar. Target Widget item of the list and click “Add a Widget”. A list of items available for you to choose from and that includes P2 Recent Comments and P2 Recent Tag. Add the two widgets to your sidebar and then save & publish it.

add widgets to sidebar

Perhaps, you can achieve the same purpose via Appearance > Widgets. By following this step-by-step guide, we make an internal communication system with P2 theme as the following screenshot. The background image in active is Santa.

internal communication system sample

P2 theme helps you make an internal communication system with a few steps, which opens the floor for discussion. From now on, logged in users can feel free to share posts on that communication platform as well as leave comments for existing updates.


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