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MailChimp WordPress Integration Guide - Set Up with WordPress?

MailChimp WordPress Integration Guide – Set Up with WordPress?

MailChimp WordPress integration is popular among so many webmasters and bloggers at present. With the integration, you can synchronize your data and import your content from the other resources. In addition, you can get reports on how your newsletters are creating an impact on your business. This article contains some easy integration methods for you. These methods and tips are going to help you in using MailChimp easily to make a suitable sense for your online business.

Traditional Method of Integration

traditional method for integrationIf you do not want to install some additional tools on your site to integrate MailChimp with WordPress, then you can always choose the option of classic installation. This process is not as easy as you think, and is mostly used by the web developers and advanced users. Here are some basic steps:

1.Signup and MailChimp account from the official site of http://mailchimp.com/.

2.Select the Embedded Forms tab in the section of Signup Forms of the list. You see that you are able to easily customize the form. You can be provided with HTML codes for the procedure.

3.After customizing the form according to your need, you have to copy and then paste this code in any section of your website. The transition is not smooth; therefore, you need to be patient to complete the task.

Integration with Plugins

The utilization of WordPress MailChimp plugins can be the easiest way to achieve the MailChimp integration. Therefore, simply choose a suitable one and install it to your WordPress site.

MailChimp List Subscribe Form


This plugin can help you in adding a sign-up form to the list of MailChimp on your WordPress website. The setup page of this plugin is going to guide you through all the login information. It can select the list from the services and also select the options for Merge Fields and Interest Groups that you have already set up. Then, it can incorporate the widget into your website.

This MailChimp plugin does not require a lot of time for installation. You can do almost everything with the help of this plugin because of its easy user interface. The plugin does not require any editing of the files. You are simply going to love this plugin as it can be you partner in need.

mailchimp list subscribe form

MailChimp Form by ContactUs.com


This plugin integrates ContentUs.com acquisition tools and management that is based on cloud to your account on MailChimp. The form incorporates leads and sends them to the specified lists on automatic bases.

Besides, you can set any options including opt-in, double opt-in and CAPCHA for avoiding any sort of spamming. The plugin of ContactUs.com can provide you with free and a very simple way of increasing the leads by about 30%. If you want to publish your own form, then this plugin can provide you with an easy way to create a free account of ContactUs.com.

The analytics that is provided by this plugin can help you in tracking down the number of tab views, submissions and form views too.

mailchimp form

MailChimp for WordPress


With this plugin in use, you are able to add methods of sign-ups for the lists of MailChimp to your WordPress websites in an easy manner. The plugin helps you in creating a customizable sing-up form. This form can be displayed anywhere you want. However, you have to use a shortcode for displaying it. You may use template functions and widgets for the purpose.

In addition, you can also add variant checkboxes to the different forms on your website like contact forms and your comments as well. The plugin is quite easy to be installed. All you need to have is the API key of MailChimp. It is beautiful and customizable, which makes it perfect among all the MailChimp WordPress plugins being used out there.

mailchimp for wordpress

WooCommerce MailChimp


With the help of WooCommerce MailChimp, you can easily integrate WooCommerce to your MailChimp account. The plugin helps the customers in subscribing to one designated list of MailChimp. It also lets the customers subscribe to the MailChimp interest groups on the creation of order or its completion.

You can do this easily on the basis of the consent of the user with several options of settings that also provide a good support to international laws of opt-in. The other features of this MailChimp plugin include double opt-in support, label display, checkbox opt-in display, default checking of opt-in checkbox and much more. The default language of this plugin is English. The plugin is easily customizable and perfect to be used because of its user-friendly interface.

woocommerce mailchimp

Big MailChimp


Big MailChimp plugin has been developed for helping you in capturing the forms of your WordPress websites without making any sort of effort on programming. You can also display the MailChimp forms in the content of your websites and other widget areas included in it.

The design of the plugin gives an entire priority to the usability and customization. You can control how the forms are displayed. Moreover, you do not need to alter the options. The plugin has been designed for working out of the box of your WordPress website by using the styling of your site.

The best thing about this plugin is that it is quite simple to use. You require only two components for its installation i.e. List ID and API key. You can also add captures form in any page, post and widget area of your website. In addition, it also lets you include different forms on one page. You can also change your MailChimp list on the websites on an instant basis with the help of this amazing MailChimp WordPress plugin.

big mailchimp

Other Methods of Integration

In case you want to try another method for MailChimp WordPress Integration, then Launch Effect can be the best option for you. This is actually a landing theme of WordPress that contains a built-in integration of MailChimp in it.

mailchimp wordpress integration

This process requires you to obtain an API key from the account of MailChimp. Then you have to create the list especially for that account. The Launch effect is not a complete theme, but it is regarded to be the best way of building the lists while you are creating your own website. You can also get a paid version of this theme that contains more options for customization. However, the free version can handle all kinds of basic websites.


The power of email cannot be denied if you want to develop a successful website. When you have a very smooth integration between your WordPress and MailChimp email services, you can easily communicate with your audiences and subscribers irrespective of the size of your business growth. When you achieve a steady integration, you can also connect with the audiences while maintaining the entire attention on the quality of your content.


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