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How to Showcase Logo Slider in WordPress

How to Showcase Logo Slider in WordPress

At present, there can be many reasons for you to display the brand logo at the bottom section of your WordPress site. For instance, you can showcase the logos of your well-known partners, indicating how reliable your contents or products are. Also, you can display the logos of your sponsors. This results in an advertising effect and can get people learn more about your site. Even, this practice is a great way to better make use of your WordPress footer section. With the sliding or the carousel effect, the result even can be better. In this case, we’d like to introduce the easy steps of how to showcase logo slider in WordPress.

Logo Slider Plugin to Showcase Logo Slider in WordPress

The Logo Slider plugin is a lightweight and simple plugin that allows you to add the responsive logo slider easily and quickly. This plugin ensures the fully responsive display. And the availability of the drag-and-drop sliding tool, multiple arrow icon options and some other customization settings ensure the perfect logo showcase for your clients, sponsors and business partners.

Logo Slider Sample

Upload the Logo

To upload the brand logo, you simply need to enter the Logo Slider settings page from your admin panel. Here, you can upload the target logo from the Upload New Image section. After that, all the uploaded images can be listed as the following screenshot showcases. You can update and delete them as you want. If needed, you also can enter the image link.

In addition, there is a drag-and-drop tool available, with which you can change the display order of these logos.

Upload Logo

Set Up for the Better Display

Next, you should move down to the Logo Slider Settings part. Here, you can determine the width and the height for the logo showcase. If you display a lot of logo options, you should decide how many images for each slide. Also, based on your webpage design, you need to choose the background color for the slider. In addition, if you connect the logo images with some links, you can open the links in the new window or not.

As for the sliding effect, you can choose between the Slide option and the Fade option. Or, you can enable the automatic sliding effect and the sliding duration based on seconds.

Lastly, you can choose the arrow style among 8 options.

Logo Slider Settings

Showcase the Logo Slider

As for the display of the logo slider, you simply need to use the shortcode of [logo-slider] in any of your posts and pages. Or, you can paste the following line into your theme file.

<?php logo_slider(); ?>

Logo Carousel Slider Plugin to Showcase Logo Slider in WordPress

This is another excellent plugin that allows you to display the logo slider for your affiliates, sponsors, partners and clients. With the 100% responsiveness of the Logo Carousel Slider, all the logos can showcase across any device. In addition, the utilization of this plugin is also simple. You just need to upload the logo images and display the shortcode of [logo_carousel-slider] at anywhere you want within your WordPress site.

Decide the General Settings

One big benefit of this plugin to win over the first option is that you can customize the logo slider display for many aspects. To set up some general ones, you should click the Logo Carousel > Settings button.

  • Determine whether to showcase the navigation arrows, logo title and logo border.
  • Choose the exact navigation arrow position.
  • Decide whether to enable the logo hover effect and image crop.
  • Set up the proper image cropping width and height.
  • Determine the maximum number of logo options to showcase at a time.
  • Decide whether to play the logo slider automatically and whether to allow the pagination.

Logo Carousel Slider Settings

Set Up for Some Advanced Settings

In addition, if you go to the pro version of this plugin, you can also set up for the Slider Settings and the Style Settings.

  • Slider Settings – Here, you can determine the speed for the auto slider showcase, the number of logo options on the desktop with the screen size of 1198 px and 978 px respectively, the number of logo on tablet and mobile, the scrolling effect for each item or for each page and many more.
  • Style Settings – From this configuration page, you can determine the options such as the font size and font color of the slider title, the color scheme for the navigation arrows, arrow background, arrow hover and arrow border, the logo title color and many more. Frankly speaking, the proper and suitable color schemes for all of these aspects can ensure the effective display of your logo slider.

Add the New Logo Images

To add and upload the logo images, you should click the Logo Carousel > Add New Logo button. Here, you can enter the title for the logo and upload the image from the Logo part. In addition, you can enter the logo link and enter the SEO information if you want.

Add New Logo


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