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Linode VS InMotion Hosting - Which VPS is the Better Choice?

Linode VS InMotion Hosting – Which VPS is the Better Choice?

Linode and InMotion hosting both provide superb VPS services, which is the better choice? This Linode VS InMotion hosting comparison announces their pricing & packages, features, performance, and technical support. Readers can learn about two providers in detail and make a right choice at last.

Linode VS InMotion Hosting – Overall Introduction

Rating Linode InMotion Hosting
Plan in Comparison Linode 1 GB VPS-1000
Managed service Unmanaged Managed
Features rating 3 of 5 stars rating 4.5 of 5 stars
Performance rating 3.5 of 5 stars rating 4.5 of 5 stars
Reliability rating 4 of 5 stars rating 4.5 of 5 stars
Technical Support rating 3 of 5 stars rating 4.5 of 5 stars
Money Back 7 days 30 days
Price $20/mo $29.99/mo
Website Link Activation Link Activation

Established in 2003, Linode is a professional unmanaged VPS hosting providers. It is focusing on the single VPS service which is coming 5 upgrade plans and pricing from $20/mo to $320/no.

InMotion Hosting is a famous web hosting providers designed for both individuals and businesses. It provides a series business hosting solutions as shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated servers.

Going with InMotion hosting, customers can choose a suitable solution based on the actual requirements and get full upgradability when the business growing. However, customers can only get VPS services on Linode.

Linode VS InMotion Hosting – Pricing & Packages

# Linode VPS

Starting at $20/mo, Linode VPS sets the 5 plans apart with the amount of resources needed. Each plan comes with full ssh, private IP address, root access, transfer pooling, and so on. However, for the unmanaged VPS services, it does not install any software or applications on the servers by default. Customers can only get the guaranteed resources as following.

Linode VPS price and features

# InMotion Hosting VPS

InMotion hosting only has 3 VPS plans as VPS-1000, VPS-2000, VPS-3000, starting at $29.99/mo, $49.99/mo and $74.99/mo. Based on the CentOS platform, all plans allow unlimited domains and websites, along with free cPanel license which is valued for $425 per year, and more features as following.

Feature VPS-1000 VPS-2000 VPS-3000
Dedicated Memory 512 MB 1 GB 2 GB
Burstable Memory 1 GB 3 GB 3 GB
Monthly Transfer 750 GB 1500 GB 2500 GB
Disk Space 40 GB 80 GB 160 GB
IP Addresses 2 5 10
cPanel License FREE FREE FREE
Price $29.99/mo $49.99/mo $74.99/mo
How to Claim Link Activation Link Activation Link Activation

By comparison, we can clearly see that InMotion VPS is more cost effective than Linode VPS, providing more affordable and more rich-featured VPS solutions.

Linode VS InMotion Hosting – Performance

Linode VPS is well-known for the full controllability and customizability of the unmanaged services. The experienced experts can customize the hosting easily and do anything as they want. However, it is not a good choice for people who lack skills or technical knowledges. Without anything managed on the servers, customers have to do a lot of things before getting started the online businesses, such as Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, etc. Moreover, customers have to manage the websites security by themselves as Linode does not take responsibility for the security of the hosting sites.

On the other hand, InMotion hosting keeps the VPS services with excellent performance. As two data centers located in the East and West Coast, customers can choose the closer one based on their location to get fast connection. Eventually, for customers who are within InMotion Max Speed Zones, their emails and websites can get 6 times faster. In addition, as InMotion providing 99.9% uptime guarantee, customers do not need to worry about the websites performance. Check out the past 30 days monitoring data as following.

Linode VS InMotion Hosting – Customer Support

With Linode unmanaged services, customers need to do anything by themselves, such as monitoring the network, installing applications, backup the website data, etc. Once encountered questions or problems, they can only find answers from the FQAs and community, no support team available. If customers really want to get help from Linode support team, they have to pay for the managed support for $100/mo.

InMotion provides 24x7x365 US based technical support for customers. The advanced support team can help customers effectively with tasks such as Site transfer, SSL & DNS setup, PCI check, Custom configuration support, Failover support solutions, and much more. Especially, InMotion hosting provides 30 day money back guarantee to ensure the hosting services so that customers can be assured for the services completely. But customers shall note that Linode only promises money back within 7 days.

Conclusion – InMotion VPS Recommended

With the thoroughly comparison between Linode and InMotion hosting above, we can see that InMotion VPS is better than Linode with affordable price, rich features, excellent performance and superior support. We highly recommend customers going with InMotion VPS, even they can have full upgradability to dedicated servers when they need more power.


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