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How to Link an Email Address in WordPress

How to Link an Email Address in WordPress

In recent days, our readers ask us with a question that how to link an email address in WordPress. It is true that users normally prefer to use a contact form than to click an email link, but you can also provide this approach for your visitors to contact you. Here we will guide you on how to add an email link in WordPress.

How to Link an Email Address

The first thing you should remember is to use mailto: instead of http:// or https:// in front when you are linking an email address. As is familiar to you that normal links are often created with http:// or https://, while email links start with mailto: then are followed by an email address. We must emphasize the importance of the prefix because without it, the links will not work. Here is a typical example.

mailto: [email protected]

Link an Email Address in WordPress

On the basis of the form of email links, we will make a further discussion on how to link an email address in WordPress posts. There are two ways to achieve that: one is via insert/edit link, and the other is via HTML.

Insert/Edit Link

Select the target text then click on the insert/edit link button or press CTRL + K on the keyboard. Then just input mailto: + your email into the popup box, and click the blue arrow to apply the link into the target text.

Insert/Edit Link

Also, if you do not select the text, you can also customize it by hitting the link options button. Similarly, input your url and link text as below. In the end, do not forget to finish your configuration with a click on the Add Link button.

Customized Text

Using HTML

Besides the above way, you can also establish an email link with the use of HTML. The complete HTML is just like this:

<a href="mailto:[email protected]">email our support team</a>

With such a piece of HTML, you will get the following email link in your post.

Link Email Address with HTML

When making a comparison between the two ways, we think it is easier for you to adopt the first one because a little error in HTML will lead to an invalid email link.

Stop Spams Caused by Email Links

So far, we have mentioned how to link to an email address and how to use it in WordPress posts. You may have been clear about the process, but there is still a question. Since your email address is open to the public, it means that you expose yourself to troublesome spams.

To be honest, we do not recommend email links for the sake of security. In fact, we stick to the opinion that you should use contact forms as most people do.

But if it is necessary for you to add a link to your email address in WordPress, you’d better learn to deal with the situation with some plugins. In our experience, Email Address Encoder does an excellent job in stopping spams in the sea of plugins because it protects mailto links from being email-harvested by spammers.


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