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How to Limit WordPress Comment Length?

How to Limit WordPress Comment Length?

WordPress allows visitors to make comments around blog topics. Most bloggers welcome comments on their posts, however, not for comments with few or too many words. In this case, it’s a good idea to limit the length of comments in WordPress. So, how to do that?

There are 2 methods for that purpose. One is adding lines of coding snippet in your theme’s functions.php file, and the other is using plugins. Since coding is more complex and harder for beginners, in the following we will mainly focus on how to limit WordPress comment length using plugins.

The Necessity of Limiting Comment Length

In fact, there are three common situations when people leaving some words in your articles.

  • Some people want to get the backlinks from your site, so they may leave some one-word comments with their target links. This kind of comment is not helpful and is generally within 20 characters.
  • Some people want to showcase their complaints of what you are offering, so they may leave a long comment demonstrating what is wrong. The second situation is common if your website is selling something.
  • The last situation is the most normal one. The commentators just want to say something about your articles, no matter they are agreeing with you, disagreeing with you, or are confused of what you have written.

Obviously, having the length of your comment within a moderate range can effectively prevent comment spam and prevent some bad feedbacks.

Limit WordPress Comment Limit Using Plugins

For detailed steps, we take the plugin – Greg’s Comment Length Limiter as example. This plugin can be very helpful because it provides a configurable limit on the WordPress comment length.

Firstly, you should have this plugin installed and activated on your WordPress. If you are not clear how to install a plugin, you can refer to this installing tutorial. Once finished, it will be added in the Settings list. Next, go to Settings > Comment Length Limiter to configure the plugin.

Settings Comment Length Limiter

On the screen, you will see the configuration page. Here, you are allowed to do some settings in different areas.

Comment Length Limiter Configuration

In the “Upper Length Limit” section, you can specify the maximum length of comments accepted in the comment box. Hence, next to “Upper Limit?”, just enter the total number of characters in the blank field. Here we entered “3000”.

Besides, you can decide whether to have a countdown box that automatically shows how many characters are left. For automatic countdown box, you just need to select “Yes” next to “Automatically Show Countdown Box?”. Alternatively, you can select “No” to customize the text for the countdown box.

Scroll down and you’ll find there are 4 options, from which you can choose what action to take if the comments are oversized. Once you have done all the settings, click “Save Changes” on the bottom of the page.

Note that, with this plugin, you can set the maximum character limit, but not the minimum character limit. If you want to do the minimum setting, we recommend you the Minimum Comment Length plugin with which you can not only set the length of comment but also customize what error message to display when someone fails to meet the minimum characters.

Similarly, upon installation and activation, go to Settings > Min comment length.

Minimum Comment Length Configuration

After setting the minimum comment length and error message, click “Update Settings”. That’s it!


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