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How to Know the WordPress Version You Are Using

How to Know the WordPress Version You Are Using

It is important for all the WordPress users to know which version of the WordPress script they are using. After all, this can help you figure out whether your website is staying updated. Even, when installing the new WordPress plugins, themes and any other add-on tools, you can easily know whether they are compatible with your current WordPress version.

At present, there are a lot of methods available for you to check the current version. In the following, we have listed some common options that tell you how to know the WordPress version you are using.

Option 1 – Check Out the Updates Page in the WordPress Admin

Firstly, you can log in the admin of your WordPress site. And then, you should click the Updates button from the Dashboard menu. From this page, you can be informed of whether you have the latest version of the WordPress script. If yes, you can find the message just like the following. And your current version will be mentioned in the highlighted section.

WordPress Updates Page

However, if you fail to keep your WordPress core updated, you need to click the update link to get the newly released version. After all, you may become an easy hacking target if you do not maintain the up-to-date version.

Option 2 – Have a Look at Your Dashboard Footer Section

If you have already updated your WordPress core or directly install the WordPress version 4.1.5 or above, you can use this method.

Here, you only need to enter the WordPress dashboard and scroll down to the bottom section. From the footer area, you can get the notification message that you are using WordPress to build your website, along with the current version you are utilizing.

WordPress Admin Footer

Here, we need to mention that if you are running a multisite network, the version number will not be listed. In addition, this special feature does not support for the mobile devices.

Option 3 – Check Out Your Readme File

With each WordPress installation, there will be a special readme.html file in the footer folder of your website. In this case, you can access this file by adding the suffix of “readme.html” at the end of your website URL.

Now, you can find a page looks like the following. This special file will showcase your WordPress version at the top section.

Readme File

There is a special note that for the sake of website security, you’d better prevent the public users from accessing it. After all, if hackers know your WordPress version, they can find the chances to hack your site with the security loopholes.

Option 4 – Check the Generator Meta Tag in the Source Code

For this method, you simply need to go to a webpage in your browser window, and then, right click on an empty space. Here, you should click the View Page Source button from the menu.

From the source code of your webpage, you need to use the search function by pressing the CTRL+F on the keyboard. And then, you can enter the searching target of “generator”. This way, you can find the special generator meta tag that tells you which WordPress version you are using.

Generator Meta Tag


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