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KeyCDN Review – Is KeyCDN A Good Practice for Speeding Up Website?

KeyCDN Review – Is KeyCDN A Good Practice for Speeding Up Website?

Content Delivery Network (CDN) is loved by most webmasters who wish to make a great improvement on website performance. Thus, more and more CDN service providers are born to give users the massive boon. The multiple options have taken some people in confusion and make it hard to choose a suitable one.

KeyCDN, a Swiss based company specializing in CDN service, stands out from masses of competitors thanks to its professional and proactive service. Since pricing, features, security and performance have been regarded as big concerns, we are going to introduce this CDN service provider based on the mentioned aspects.


KeyCDN guarantees transparent pricing and displays the details orderly to help people target the most suitable solution at the first sight. According to the particular requirements of customers from North America, Europe and Asia, this company has tailored the service to maximize the satisfaction. Here, we list the traffic pricing per GB in the following table to make a clear demonstration.

Traffic North America Europe Asia
First 10TB $0.04 $0.04 $0.04
Next 40TB $0.036 $0.036 $0.04
Next 100TB $0.032 $0.032 $0.04
Next 350TB $0.028 $0.028 $0.04
Next 500TB $0.02 $0.02 $0.04
Next 2PB $0.01 $0.01 $0.04

For the need of over 3PB traffic, people should contact the staffs to purchase as much amount as they want. In addition, this company enables shared SSL, custom SSL, Pull Zones and HTTP requests free of charge. During the first 30 days, customers can enjoy 25GB traffic to get started without paying extra money. KeyCDN’s commitment is to offer budget-friendly service without selling any extra packages.


keycdn review functionalityKeyCDN allows customers to create as many zones as they want and makes each come with GZip compression, SPDY3.1, custom rules, force downloads, etc. By enabling Hotlink Protection, this company protects all websites from hotlink attacks thereby holding back the loss of bandwidth effectively.

The Push Zone accepts the content upload via FTP account. Customers are allowed to upload files in any size without limitation. Besides, the uploaded content is synchronized with rsync. The Pull Zone comes to cache the content by purging an entire zone/a single file, stripping cookies, caching query strings, and many other functions designed for speed optimization.


KeyCDN enables a user-friendly dashboard, on which you can control over all your zones flexibly, in the aspects of account settings, reporting, payment, etc. The interface is easy to understand and handle even for beginners, which looks like what we’ve shown as the following screenshot.

KeyCDN review dashboard

The company also supports responsive user interface for your mobile phone and tablet and makes it possible to carry out the operation on the mobile devices. Besides, users can also check out the account usage in real time and view invoices clearly.

It is worth mentioning that KeyCDN supports several CMSs, including Drupal, Joomla, WordPress and Magento. And also, the content distribution network can be used to do more beyond your imagination, such as the delivery of podcasts, game packages, software distribution, videos, and so on.


KeyCDN attaches great importance to security by offering secure token, shared SSL and custom SSL, with which people can improve the security level for all zones. Besides, this company has simplified the SSL certifications configuration and access tokens creation so as to make the security improvement within a few minutes.

Data Centers

KeyCDN locates multiple data centers in America, Europe, Asia and Oceania, covering dozens of regions worldwide. Each data center is powered by cutting-edge infrastructures owned by KeyCDN to guarantee a high level of reliability and high performance.

KeyCDN review data centers

Customer Service

KeyCDN offers two communication channels including email and phone to make sure that people can contact their support staffs immediately. And also, the technicians have written numerous tutorials and help articles included in the Blog to help visitors get useful tips easily. The knowledgebase includes the solutions about how to get started CDN that users are desired for.


KeyCDN has won a good reputation in this filed because of its affordable price, customizable features, high performance and limitless possibilities. Undoubtedly, it has the ability to make a great improvement on your website speed and security.


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