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JustHost VS iPage - Which is a Better Choice for WordPress Hosting?

JustHost VS iPage – Which is a Better Choice for WordPress Hosting?

Based on our comparison between JustHost VS iPage, JustHost is better than iPage for WordPress hosting service for fast speed, long uptime and professional support. In the following sections, we will firstly provide a brief introduction to the backgrounds of the two companies. And then, we will carefully compare their shared WordPress hosting packages in a side-by-side manner.

Brief Introduction to JustHost and iPage

JustHost, established in 2001, is an outstanding small business hosting provider. iPage, founded in 1998, is famous for the cheap hosting service. JustHost and iPage are both Linux based hosting providers that focus on single shared hosting plan. They provide similar features to personal and small business, but JustHost is better than iPage for WordPress hosting. In below JustHost VS iPage, we compare them on hosting pricing, features, performance and technical support.

JustHost VS iPage on Pricing

JustHost is very affordable, starting at $9.49/mo regularly. At present, it is providing a compelling 63% discount for readers going through this exclusive promotional link, starting at $3.49/mo. To be frank, the pricing level of JustHost is quite budget-friendly, making it possible for almost all-level users feel confident to start building their online presence.

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On the other side, the hosting services of iPage are usually priced at $7.99/mo. However, the company now is providing a special offer, cutting the prices to $1.99/mo, almost 75% off from the regular cases. This promotional price is now available for users following this promotional link.

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With the purpose of making it more clearly for you to understand and check this point, we have made the following table to present the detailed price information about JustHost and iPage hosting plans.

price JustHost iPage
1 Month Price $7.99/mo
1 Year Price $4.95/mo $2.99/mo
2 Years Price $3.95/mo $2.49/mo
3 Years Price $3.49/mo $1.99/mo
Renewal Price $9.49/mo $7.99/mo
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As above, iPage is a bit cheaper than JustHost not only in the initial term but also after the first term. The renewal prices of JustHost are from $9.49/mo and those of iPage are from $7.99/mo. What highlights JustHost is the support for monthly payment. However, the 3-year payment will result in the maximum savings. If you are not sure about the service quality or are tight on budget, you are more advised to choose a short term.

Both JustHost and iPage ensure their hosting service with 30 days full refund guarantee. Within 30 days, you can get full money back if you are dissatisfied with the hosting service. Therefore, you need to think twice before the due date.

JustHost VS iPage on Features

JustHost and iPage offer very similar features, including unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domain allowed and unlimited Email accounts. However, they are quite different in technology and scripts as the beginning table.

JustHost supports most of the advanced technologies so that it could be 100% compatible with some open source applications as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.

On the other hand, iPage cannot be completely compatible with these applications. Because some preferred features of WordPress, Joomla and Drupal cannot be supported without Custom Cron Jobs and .htaccess override. So, we highly recommend customers going with JustHost for the better compatibility.

In addition, the big difference lying among their feature offerings is the control panel. With cPanel included with the plans, JustHost is able to give you a happy experience in the website management. In contrast, VDeck lacks competitiveness in the ease of use, interface design, and more. Thus there is no surprise that the JustHost users are happier with the control panel.

More detailed information about their feature offerings is given in the following table.

Feature JustHost iPage
PHP 5.2.17 & 5.3.10 5.2.12
Control Panel cPanel vDeck
Ruby on Rails yes no
Perl yes yes
Python yes yes
Custom Cron Jobs yes no
MySQL yes yes
Custom Error Pages yes yes
CGI Support yes no
.htaccess Overrides yes no
SSI yes yes
Price $3.49/mo $1.99/mo
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JustHost VS iPage on Performance

In terms of performance, JustHost is much better than iPage. Below is our monitoring results in the past 30 days which show JustHost is 53% faster than iPage. You can check the following performance comparison chart to get more statistics about JustHost and iPage server response time in the real world.

It’s not surprised with the results above. JustHost equipped its two dedicated data centers with rock solid facilities and 100% Dell-branded servers. As well, it eanbles the data centers to peer exchange with most of the world’s largest ISPs to create direct connections. JustHost also utilizes advanced technology to fulfills 99.9% uptime guarantee. Better than that, JustHost performs approximately 100% uptime in the past 30 days.

JustHost VS iPage on Support

The technical support of JustHost is better than iPage definitely. Although they both provide 24×7 technical support that is US-based via phone, live chat, and email, JustHost support is more effective actually. The support staffs are knowledgeable and experienced, answered questions professionally and patiently. With less than 30 seconds holding time and 12 hours email response, customers could get responsive help from JustHost. However, on iPage, the representatives know the iPage site builder well, but they are not skilled in the technology and open source applications.

JustHots VS iPage on Customer Satisfaction Rate

As two reputable WordPress hosting providers, JustHost and iPage have established a large user base around the world, which attesting to the fact that their hosting services are by no means sub-standard as that of some nameless companies. however, when it comes to the perspective of customer satisfaction rate, JustHost wins slightly over the other company.

Up to now, we have received a total of 190 reviews from verified JustHost customers and 102 reviews from iPage customers. According to our analysis, the former company has enjoyed a customer satisfaction rate that is up to 100%, roughly 2% higher than that of the latter company.

Conclusion – JustHost Is Recommended

On the basis of the comprehensive analysis we have made in this JustHost vs iPage comparison, both companies indeed share some common merits. However, JustHost is a better choice than the other company for guaranteeing richer features, better hosting performance, and more satisfying technical support.

In this case, we suggest you try JustHost if you want to save the cost while not compromising on the quality of the services. For more detailed information about JustHost prices and other offerings, please visit https://www.justhost.com to check in the way you like.


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