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JustHost VS InMotion Hosting – Cheap WordPress Hosting Comparison

JustHost VS InMotion Hosting – Cheap WordPress Hosting Comparison

JustHost and InMotion are leading WordPress web hosting companies and both have hosted over 220,000 websites worldwide. They promise to develop cheap WordPress hosting services with rich resources and guarantee high level of hosting reliability. Since JustHost and InMotion are both well matched in strength, it is hard to make a choice between them. As thus, we make this comparison to find out the truth.

Who Offers Cheaper WordPress Hosting?

JustHost and InMotion Hosting have launched various web hosting solutions to satisfy the needs of individuals, small businesses and enterprises. All products come with exclusive discount and preferential price. JustHost even prices the WordPress hosting service as low as $2.5/mo. Check more details as below.

JustHost Price, Discounts & Freebies

Three WordPress hosting plans includede in the following list are available for JustHost customers. With around 70% discount, the solutions are starting an affordable price. This link activation is shown here to activate such exclusive discount.

JustHost Promotion Link Activation
  • Basic – Designed for individuals and small businesses, this plan is now pricing at $2.5/mo.
  • Plus – That is the best-sale solution popular with a large number of medium websites. The price of this plan after special discount is $4.5/mo.
  • Business Pro – The most advanced WordPress web hosting solution of JustHost, which is great for some large websites. By going through the above special link, webmasters are able to purchase this solution at only $9.95/mo.

Besides special offers and affordable price, each package includes at least $50 marketing offers. The commitment of this company is anytime money back guarantee thereby making the service worry-free. Some other freebies are listed as below.

  • Free domain name registration
  • Free drag & drop site builder
  • Free instant setup
  • Multiple free website scripts (WordPress, phpBB, b2evolution, etc)

InMotion Hosting Price, Discounts & Freebies

InMotion Hosting also releases three plans with a wide range of prices, catering to different needs of webmasters. This company now enables up to 56% discount and prices its WordPress web hosting as low as $3.49/mo. Activate this exclusive discount by going through the following link.

Price Launch Power Pro
Regular $7.99/mo $9.99/mo $19.99/mo
Discount 56% 55% 52%
Discounted $3.49/mo $4.49/mo $9.49/mo
InMotion Promotion Link Activation

The 90-day money back guarantee is valid for all solutions. In addition, at least $275 advertising credits is included in each package and a list of freebies as below is also available for webmasters.

  • Free no-downtime website transfer
  • Free SSD drives
  • Free data backups
  • WordPress preinstalled

Conclusion – Halve a Match: JustHost enables more discounts and lower price for webmasters while InMotion Hosting includes more freebies in each hosting package. Make a decision according to personal needs.

What’s in the Package?

Resource Allocation

Both companies allocate sufficient disk space and bandwidth to each hosted site as well as allow multiple websites to be hosted on one account. They support MySQL databases and PostgreSQL databases to enable an easy manner to manage all data. The latest programming languages (PHP, Perl, Python and Ruby on Rails) are also available.

Control Panel

Both companies utilize cPanel with 1-click installer. That makes it much easier to install multiple applications on website, like WordPress, Drupal, Magento, phpBB, etc. In this way, webmasters can feel free to create any sites as needed.


Both companies include SSH access and IMAP to improvement the security level of a website. Besides, there are some other advanced security features available for JustHost users, such as POP3, hotlink protection and spam assassin protection, thereby making a greater enhancement on website security.

Conclusion – JustHost Wins: InMotion Hosting and JustHost both attach great importance on site security. JustHost has done a better job by featuring more advanced functions for website protection.

Who Achieves Higher Performance?

As for web hosting reliability, both companies promise to deliver at least 99.9% uptime to each hosted site. According to our real hosting experience and a 30-day test for their uptime, we get the final results as below. JustHost and InMotion Hosting make good on their promises, both achieve excellent uptime accordingly.

  • JustHost Uptime – 99.99%
  • InMotion Hosting – 100%

As for performance, both web hosts try every means to enable fast page loading speed for the hosted websites. They maintain the data centers with advanced technologies and powerful servers. The 24×7 server monitoring throttles any issues or potential threats effectively.

Besides, JustHost integrates its hosting solutions with Global CDN, which makes a big difference on website speed improvement. For InMotion Hosting, this company includes free SSDs in all packages so as to enable faster processors and more memory. Here comes a test for the server response time of JustHost and InMotion Hosting.

Conclusion: InMotion Hosting Wins: According to the statistics shown in above chart, we can get a conclusion that InMotion Hosting achieves higher performance that JustHost.

How About Their Technical Support?

Based on a real experience on the technical support of JustHost and InMotion Hosting, we find that both companies provide award-winning support service. In fact, they have a lot in common.

  • Communication channels: live chat, phone, ticket system and email.
  • Help center/support center: A large number of hosting tutorials, beginner’s guides, FAQs, etc.
  • Hours of service: The support staffs stay online around-the-clock.
  • Support responsiveness: All requests will be answered in time.

Verdict – JustHost VS InMotion Hosting

According to what we’ve analyzed above, JustHost is suitable for webmasters who wish to get more affordable hosting solutions. For the need of a higher level of reliability and performance, InMotion Hosting should the solid option.


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