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JustHost VS FatCow - Budget WordPress Hosting Comparison

JustHost VS FatCow – Budget WordPress Hosting Comparison

The comparison between JustHost VS FatCow is on price, speed, uptime, features and technical support. Readers could learn about two companies comprehensively and make the right choice.


JustHost and FatCow are two famous web hosting providers focusing on single shared hosting plan. They target the same marketplace focusing on individual and small business. Though having features similarly, there are significant differences on the price, speed, uptime and technical support.

Rating JustHost Fatcow
Speed 4.5 out 5 stars 3.5 out 5 stars
Uptime 4.5 out 5 stars 3 out 5 stars
Features 5 out 5 stars 3.5 out 5 stars
Support 5 out 5 stars 4 out 5 stars
Features 5 out 5 stars 3.5 out 5 stars
Starting at $2.50/mo $4.08/mo
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In the following, we have compared JustHost and FatCow on price, features, speed, uptime and technical support in detail.

FatCow VS JustHost on Price

JustHost provides more budget web hosting solution than Fatcow. The single shared hosting plan is affordable, starting at $2.50/mo at present, about 56% off the original price of $7.99/mo. In addition, it supports monthly billing cycle, charging for $11.95/mo. Check out the detailed price in the following table.

Price JustHost Fatcow
1 Month Price $11.95/mo Not Available
1 Year Price $3.95/mo $4.08/mo
2 Years Price $2.95/mo $4.08/mo
3 year price $2.50/mo $4.08/mo
Renewal price $7.99/mo $9.49/mo
Extras Free domain, site builder, templates & themes, $125 credits Free domain for the first year
Free Domain Yes 1st year
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On the other hand, FatCow is affordable, charging for $49 per year, effective to $4.08/mo. However, compared with JustHost, it is still 38% more expensive. Especially it doesn’t support monthly billing plan.

Two providers both support credit card payment as well as PayPal payment. However, the JustHost Anytime Money Back Guarantee gives customers better confidence than the FatCow 30 days money back guarantee.

JustHost VS FatCow on Speed and Uptime

Everything makes no sense without reasonable website hosting performance. In this regards, JustHost utilizes a world-class data center with 10 gigabit Internet connection to ensure the fast website loading speed.

FatCow rents two data centers in Boston, MA area. Without the topnotch equipment and technology, FatCow doesn’t have a really outstanding performance. Especially compared with JustHost, it is approximately 90% slower. Read the chart of server response speed in the last 30 days as following:

In addition, JustHost is committed to provide a secure and reliable web hosting environment with a guarantee for 99.9% uptime. With 24×7 network monitoring systems, it ensures that the JustHost staffs can take over the occurred issues immediately, and prevent it going to customers. As we monitored, it performs nearly 99.99% in the past 30 days, checking out the uptime data as following:

JustHost VS FatCow on Features

JustHost and FatCow provide similar features apparently, including unlimited domains, unlimited websites, unlimited disk space and bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, and more. Actually, JustHost is more rich-featured than FatCow. Check the comparison of the full features as below:

Feature JustHost Fatcow
PHP 5.2.17 & 5.3.10 4 & 5
Control Panel cPanel vDeck
Ruby on Rails yes no
Perl yes no
Python yes yes
MySQL yes yes
Custom Error Pages yes no
Custom Cron Jobs yes no
CGI Support yes yes
.htaccess Overrides yes no
SSH yes no
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Generally, cPanel, SSH, Ruby on Rails and Custom Cron Jobs are the highlights of the JustHost hosting plan.

JustHost VS FatCow on Support

JustHost provides 24×7 US based technical support via live chat, phone & email. It also guarantees that customers could speak with a real human being who speaks native English, answers questions and fixes problems effectively.

FatCow also provides 24×7 technical support via telephone and live chat. However, based on our real experience, the live chat support is not valid in most of the time. Usually, customers could get the answer – “Please hold for the next available operator to respond”, and it takes 5-10 minutes to get the next operator. Additionally, there has been some complaints over the Internet that the customers waited for a few days to get the response for the support ticket in the Help Desk.

In the comparison, JustHost support is more professional and more effective than FatCow support. As we received 36 real customer reviews, up to 91.7% customers are pleased with JustHost service.

Conclusion – JustHost Recommended

After thoroughly compared between JustHost and FatCow, we could see that JustHost is a more budget-friendly choice than FatCow. Thus we highly recommend personal bloggers and small businesses going with JustHost.



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