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JustHost VS DreamHost - Cheap Web Hosting Comparison

JustHost VS DreamHost – Cheap Web Hosting Comparison

This cheap web hosting comparison between JustHost VS DreamHost is aimed at helping customers pick up the better hosting provider between JustHost and DreamHost. We have compared them on features, speed, uptime, support, and price value, based on our real experience and verified customer reviews. Check more details in the following and then make a right choice.

Note that both JustHost and DreamHost provide multiple hosting solutions including shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated server, etc, but we mainly compare the shared hosting in the below part.

Price – Both Companies Offer Special Discounts

JustHost has a big advantage on price, providing cheap web hosting starting at $2.5/mo, 69% off the regular $7.99/mo for customers going through the exclusive promotional link.

JustHost Promotional Link Activation

By contrast, DreamHost is much more expensive, starting at $8.95/mo. That’s the regular price of DreamHost shared web hosting. With the 34% discount, however, customer are able to cut the price down to $5.95/mo.

JustHost provides multiple billing plans so that you can choose the suitable one according to your own budget. Moreover, JustHost even provides monthly billing plan for $11.99/mo, which is a little bit expensive but also suitable for budget-limit customers. Besides, it also offers a series of free features:

  • Free Domain Registration
  • Free Instant Setup
  • Free Drag and Drop Site Builder
  • Free One Click Install
  • $100 Free Google Advertising

In addition, JustHost guarantees ANYTIME money back to ensure its services and support while DreamHost provides a 97-day money back guarantee for credit card payments. Besides the guaranteed refund policy, DreamHost enables one free domain name and free domain privacy for customers.

According to the illustrations above, it is apparent that JustHost shared hosting services are much more budget-friendly in the comparison with DreamHost. In this case, both inexperienced beginners and savvy developers can afford to start their hosting journeys with confidence.

Features – JustHost Is More Rich-Featured Than DreamHost

Hosting feature always has a big impact on website performance. JustHost and DreamHost are both excellent for basic resources, providing unlimited storage, bandwidth, email accounts, MySQL database, and supporting PHP 5, Perl, Python, CGI, Ruby on Rails, etc.

However, JustHost is still more powerful for offering some advanced features such as PostgreSQL, Custom PHP.ini, CronJobs, etc. see more information in the below features comparison table.

Feature JustHost DreamHost
PostgreSQL DB Yes No
Python Yes Yes
Perl Yes Yes
PHP Yes Yes
cPanel Yes No
Money Back Guarantee Anytime 97 days
Google AdWords Credits (Free) $100 $100
Conclusion Recommended Not Recommended

Obviously, JustHost enables more possibilities for customers. Especially, it utilizes the award winning cPanel as its control panel, which makes it extremely user-friendly and simple to manage all aspects of the hosting account.

In addition, the company integrates the easy-to-use control panel with a 1-click installer, enabling users to install more than 100 open source applications, themes, and plugins to set up their websites in a fast and convenient manner.

Performance – JustHost Is Faster Than DreamHost

Performance is the most important factor to consider when choosing a web hosting. JustHost and DreamHost both provide reliable and fast shared hosting solutions. As we monitored, the average server response time of JustHost is nearly 366 ms, and DreamHost delivers 500 ms server response time around.

Both companies are much faster than common web hosts in the field while JustHost is still 37% faster than DreamHost. You can check the following performance comparison chart to get more detailed statistics about JustHost and DreamHost server response time in the last thirty days.

It’s not surprising JustHost has such a good performance. Actually, it has done many things to ensure the hosting performance. It built its own dedicated data centers which are equipped with UPS power backup generator and high-performance DELL Quad Processor servers to keeps the hosting sites online all the time.

Due to the utilize of the rock solid hosting infrastructures above, JustHost not only delivers the contents of users’ websites with the swiftest speed but also ensures excellent hosting reliability. Displayed as below, it has achieved an average of 99.99% uptime in the previous month, which is far more outstanding than DreamHost 99.92% uptime.

To sum up, JustHost has outperformed DreamHost a lot in terms of uptime and page loading speed, making sure that users websites are running in an extremely reliable and blazing-fast hosting environment.

Support – JustHost Support Is More Professional

As for support, JustHost and DreamHost both provide 24×7 US-based technical supports. However, DreamHost support is only valid for email contact while JustHost support is available for phone, live chat as well as email. If customers who want to contact DreamHost support representatives via phone or live chat, they need to purchase extra Premium Support service which is $14.95/mo and contains 3 phone callbacks per month and unlimited live chat.

In addition, two companies both include online Support Center on their official websites, where you can find a knowledgebase, forum, and start wizard along with video tutorials for self-help support.

Community Reputation – JustHost Is More Welcomed

It is true that both companies have been in the industry for years and established a large user base on a global scale. However, when it comes to the aspect of community reputation, JustHost is far more welcomed than its rival.

Besides providing high-quality hosting services, JustHost also offers some beneficial discounts to help users narrow their hosting budgets to a maximum degree. According to the 191 reviews that we have received from its real customers, the company has enjoyed a customer satisfaction rate that is up to 100%.

To be more specific, there are roughly 99.95% customers satisfied with JustHost reliability, 99.93% satisfied with the software and control panel, and 99.93% satisfied with its responsive and professional technical support.

Summary – JustHost Is the Better Choice

On the basis of this JustHost vs DreamHost comparison, the former company is certainly more competitive than the latter from multiple aspects of their hosting packages. Besides providing abundant hosting features at affordable prices, the company also guarantees excellent uptime, fast page loads, and around-the-clock professional technical support.

In this case, we sincerely recommend you sign up JustHost if you want to start building your online presence with the help of a quality shared web host. With its hosting services widely favored by users, the company will get your needs covered in a sound manner.


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