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JustHost VS 1and1- Shared Web Hosting Comparison

JustHost VS 1and1- Shared Web Hosting Comparison

JustHost VS 1and1We find that JustHost is a better choice for a personal blog after our comprehensive and rigorous comparing between JustHost VS 1and1. In the below, to explain the reasons in details, we concentrate on many fronts, including features, prices, performance, technical support and customers satisfaction rate.

Before we start comparing, we firstly show you the ratings of the two companies, which are on the basis of our real hosting experience and feedbacks of real customers.

JustHost 1and1
Loading Speed 4.5 of 5 3 of 5
Reliability 4.5 of 5 3 of 5
Feature 4.5 of 5 3.5 of 5
Technical Support 4.5 of 5 4 of 5
Price 4.5 of 5 4 of 5
Sales Now! 63% Off 87% Off
How to Claim Link Activation NOT Recommended

About JustHost and 1and1

With the rapid growth, JustHost has ranked into one of the leading web hosts. The past 9 years have witnessed that JustHost powers more and more websites with a good service quality. From the beginning, JustHost focuses on providing budget hosting solutions along with a stable & fast hosting environment, and responsive & professional technical support. In a word, the goal is to give you a happy hosting experience. As a result, JustHost lives up to your expectations for a quality Linux-based shared web hosting service.

1and1 is also a well-known name in hosting field. To better at customers’ service, 1and1 provides web hosting services which are based on Linux and Windows operating system. However, the custom control panel, slow page load speed, and a lack of chat support make some webmasters stay away from this web host.

Admittedly, both web hosts come with affordable shared web hosting solutions and a reliable hosting environment. However, JustHost is the recommended hosting provider. The detailed reasons can be found from our side-by-side comparison.


JustHost offers 3 plans named Basic, Plus, and Prime. The prices are from $9.49/mo regularly. With promotion, customers can enjoy up to 63% discounts at $3.49/mo.

1and1 provides 3 options as Basic, Unlimited and Advanced. The starting price now is $0.99/mo, which is 87% off the regular price at $7.99/mo. It is noticeable that this low price is only valid for the Basic plan. The Unlimited plan is $4.99/mo while the Advance plan is $8.99/mo.

JustHost 1and1
Before Discounted $9.49/mo $7.99/mo
Discount 63% Off 87% Off
After Discounted $3.49/mo $0.99/mo
How to Claim Link Activation NOT Recommended

It seems 1and1 is more affordable, but you should take the bonuses parked with JustHost into consideration, including a free domain name registration ($12.95/year valued), marketing credits, free site builder and site migration service, as well as the following comparison of feature.


JustHost is very rich-featured, coming with sufficient disk space, transfer, Email accounts and domain hosting. Meanwhile, it offers some features to bring convenience, including:

  • With cPanel as control panel, personal bloggers can enjoy simplified the management of the data, files and settings.
  • The auto installer assists installing 280+ applications within seconds.

1and1 also set some limitations for the features. The Basic plan allows 100 GB web space, 1 site on 1 account and 20 MySQL databases. Besides, it provides self-develop control panel, which has a clear interface but may be a challenge for customers who are used to cPanel.

To show you a full-scale feature comparison between the 2 companies, we have come out a table as below.

JustHost 1and1
Plan in Comparison Just Plan Basic
Control Panel cPanel Custom
Python Yes Yes
Perl Yes Yes
MySQL Database Unlimited 20
Shell Access Yes No
Blog Support Yes No
SSH Yes Yes
Override .htaccess Yes No
Custom Cronjobs Yes No
Recommended? Yes No
Website justhost.com 1and1.com


JustHost locates the top-ranking data center in Chicago, Illinois, which is featured high performance dual quad processor servers and a UPS power backup generator. To maximize the speed of data transferred, it utilizes multiple 10 gigabit Ethernet connection.

As we recorded, it delivers a fantastic 99.99% uptime in the past 30 days. We show you the detailed statistics in the following chart.

1and1 utilizes state-of-the-art data centers in Lenexa and KS to maintain websites running with valuable information in safety with 99.97% uptime.

Nevertheless, its server response time still pales in comparison with JustHost. The following chart shows that JustHost performs a 366ms response time of the server, which is 107% faster than that of 1and1.

Technical Support

With JustHost, personal bloggers are care-free in technical support. The 24/7 technical support by real human is easily accessible and reachable. No matter how sophisticated the technical issues are, customers can always get professional and prompt help.

1and1 also offers responsive technical support, except live chat. Due to this drawback, those non-English speaking customers cannot get responsive technical help. If the websites suffers any troubles, these people cannot seek help successfully.

Technical Support JustHost 1and1
Toll-free Phone Yes Yes
Live Chat Yes Yes
E-mail Support Yes Yes
Knowledge base Yes Yes
Video Tutorial Yes No
Ticket System Yes No

Customers Satisfaction Rate

No one can be more accurate than customers to tell you the quality of services. So we judge the services by virtues of customer satisfaction rate. According to 73 JustHost verified customer reviews that we have received up to now, 95.9% of the customers are satisfied with the services while 100% of them are content with the technical support.

By comparison, we have only received 2 real customer reviews on 1and1, so we cannot conclude a customer rating impersonally.

Conclusion – JustHost Is Recommended

After our in-depth and careful comparing, JustHost is the winner for for this JustHost VS 1and1 comparison. We highly recommend personal bloggers going with JustHost owing to the affordable price, rich features, fantastic performance and excellent technical support.



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