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Jimdo Review – Is Jimdo a Good Choice to Start Website?

Jimdo Review – Is Jimdo a Good Choice to Start Website?

As the easiest ways to create a website, Jimdo has become more of the most popular site building services in the market, and it is suitable for building blogs, individual sites and business websites. In this Jimdo review, we reveal the secret about this powerful tool and tell you about its interface, plans, pricing, advanced features, performance and technical support.

In this walk-through, we give you a detailed introduction about what is Jimdo and whether it is a good choice to start your website. We hope that you can have a renewed sense of this powerful site building platform and make full use of it with high proficiency.

About Jimdo

about jimdoJimdo is a WYSIWYG web hosting service, which is free to all the customers. Founded by a group of young developers in 2007, Jimdo has helped webmasters worldwide start millions of websites.

It is available in 12 languages, meeting the needs of customers from different countries. As a member of drag and drop site builders, it is extremely simple to handle even for newbies. Actually, it offers more than other drag and drop site builders with its unique possibilities, which make it possible to create a multiple-page site within a few minutes.

Easy to Use Interface

Featuring a drag and drop site builder, Jimdo allows anyone to start a premium website without striking a blowing. Whatever you want, developing a business, starting an online store or sharing photos with friends, it can fully satisfy all the needs of your website.

In addition, there is no coding necessary on starting a website. You just need to create a site with a few clicks and finish all the procedures on the intuitive interface without any effort. With the functionality of drag and drop, this platform enables webmasters to edit their sites effortless.

jimdo interface

Plans & Pricing

Jimdo offers 3 plans for customers, including JimdoBusiness, JimdoPro and Jimdo Free, among which JimdoFree is free to all people without any hidden fees. The other 2 paid options are priced at least $90/year including rich features. Frankly, the more you pay for Jimdo, the more you get from it.

Advanced Features

Domain & Email

Although each plan of Jimdo offers at least one domain, it is right for your own domain. You are allowed to transfer your domain from the old registration to Jimdo with a few steps or redirect it to your new JimdoPage. Besides, the 10GB storage per email account, IMAP, POP3, webmail access, spam and virus protection and worldwide emails access are available to your domain.

Design Freedom

Jimdo can offer fascinating design for users whether you are a photographer, artist, business owner or musician. There are more than 120 layouts available for you, from which you can find whatever you want to fit the website. This outstanding site building platform also enables you to design a unique header which can leave an unforgettable impression on the visitors. And also, you can customize the images, themes, logos and fonts as you want.


SEO has become a critical part of a website’s success, and Jimdo values it more important than any other factors on site building. This service provides the most useful tools for optimizing, with which you can optimize the page title & description, add meta tags, track statistics and add image alt tags easily and quickly without the need for SEO knowledge.

High Performance

jimdo reviewBy spreading the network worldwide, Jimdo guarantees that every website is always accessible and available anywhere at any time. With the efficient network usage, your site can keep running well even if there is a server going down. Under such a reliable environment, this service ensures a maximum of security to the data and other web content.

Customer Support

Jimdo provides you with plenty of resources about site building, such as how to start a website, set up a Jimdo store, check the server status and so on. For some problems cannot be solved by yourself, you can access to the support team via email and live chat and ask for help from the professional support staffs.


In general, Jimdo has all possibilities for starting a website, suiting for individuals who has little technical skills and don’t need full control over the websites.

However, if you wish to build a website with complete control and full flexibility, espcially for business websites, we suggest you to start with WordPress, which has thousands of themes and plugins to meet the maximum needs of your website. In the following, we recommend these 3 companies which offer the best WordPress hosting services.


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