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ixWebHosting VS GoDaddy on Cheap WordPress Hosting Services

ixWebHosting VS GoDaddy on Cheap WordPress Hosting Services

This ixWebHosting VS GoDaddy comparison is written for readers who are confused with their WordPress hosting services. By contrasting two companies on the price, feature, speed, uptime, and customer service, readers can clearly understand the WordPress hosting solutions of two companies and easily determine the final choice for their websites.

Overall Comparison

ixwebhosting vs godaddyixWebHosting is a historic web host started in 1999. As ever worked in a living room, the company has now grown into a comprehensive company which offers shared web hosting, VPS, cloud hosting and domain services for over thousands of global customers.

GoDaddy, the largest domain registrar and a famous web hosting provider, is recognized as the best online company that offers everything customer need online, such as domain name, website builder, online store, hosting service, SSL, site protection, and so on. At present, it has more than 12 million customers and more than 57 million domains under management.

Focusing on the WordPress hosting services, let’s first learn about their reputations on the feature, reliability, security, performance, and technical support. Note that all ratings are based on our real hosting experience and verified customer feedbacks.

IXWebHosting GoDaddy
Reputation 3 of 5 stars 4 of 5 stars
Feature 3 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars
Price 3.5 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars
Loading Speed 4 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars
Reliability 4 of 5 stars 4 of 5 stars
Techncial Support 4 of 5 stars 3.5 of 5 stars

As above, both ixWebHosting and GoDaddy are respectable, but they are not very exceptional in the field. Based on the in-depth review on 100+ web hosts, we highly recommend customers choosing the really leading web hosts like BlueHost, JustHost, and HostGator, which offers reliable WordPress hosting with affordable price, rich features, 99.9% uptime, fast speed, and 24×7 technical support.

ixWebHosting WordPress Hosting

ixWebHosting offers superior WordPress hosting services based on both Linux and Windows operating systems. With 3 Linux plans (named as Expert, Unlimited Pro, and Business Plus) and 2 windows plans (named as Unlimited Pro and Business Plus), the company allows users to choose a suitable package for the current requirement and upgrade their plans when needed.

ixwebhosting plans & prices

Starting at $3.95/mo, the company also offers 1+ dedicated IP and 1 free domain for customers. It supports various payments, including Discover, Visa, MasterCard, and America Express credit card, PayPal, and AliPay. Besides, it provides 30 days money back guarantee, which enables customers to ask for their money within 30 days.

All hosting plans come with unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited hosted domains, free site builder, and easy management. Besides, the company designs beautiful and sable control panel that gives users a portal to the website and server management. However, this control panel may disappoint customers who are familiar with the most user-friendly cPanel.

GoDaddy WordPress Hosting

godaddyGoDaddy offers 3 WordPress hosting plans named as Economy, Deluxe, and Ultimate, based on both Linux and Windows platforms. Starting at $6.99/mo regularly, it is now providing an up to 42% discounts and allowing customers to purchase at $3.99/mo. With 30 days money back guarantee, customers can be complete worry free for the purchase.

With limited features for each plan, the basic Economy plan only includes 100 GB storage, 50 FTP users, 10×1 GB MySQL databases, 25 sub domains. In addition, all plans are rich featured, coming with the following typical features:

  • Free domain with annual billing plan
  • Free email addresses
  • phpMyAdmin, SSH Access, & Cron Jobs
  • Unlimited monthly bandwidth
  • PHP, Python, and Perl

In addition, GoDaddy includes a cPanel control panel within each of its shared hosting plan and integrate this control panel with a 1-click installer to help users, especially those inexperienced ones, to manage their hosting accounts as well as deploy applications in an effortless manner.

ixWebHosting VS GoDaddy on Performance

In addition to equips rich features on each plan, ixXWebHosting and GoDaddy also offer high performance and ensure the online website running fast and smoothly. Just like the general web hosts in the field, two companies both guarantee 99.9% for the hosted websites, and make a great effort to put the commitment into practice.

ixWebHosting owns its dedicated data centers and equip them with spam filtering, malware monitoring, dedicated malware team, 24/7 admin coverage, PCI-Compliant, and more, which help the company keep fast loading speed.

In this case, it is not surprising that ixWebHosting can deliver an average of 99,94% uptime in the real world. To be frank, this uptime is not that extraordinary compared with some leading WordPress web hosts yet satisfying in the whole field.

On the other hand, GoDaddy also takes advantage of multiple data centers to cover the needs of users on a global scale. All the data centers are featured with various rock solid facilities and advanced measures, such as fully redundant power supplies, air conditioning & fire depression systems, 24×7 on-site monitoring, and much more.

According to our monitoring results, Godaddy has achieved 99.93% in the past thirty days, which is slightly inferior to that of ixWebHosting yet superior to that of most sub-standard web hosts. Now, check the chart below for more explicit statistics about GoDaddy uptime.

When it comes to the aspect of page loading speed, however, both of the two companies have not performed well. According to the real-time monitoring, GoDaddy’s server responds within 800ms, which is similar to that of ixWebHosting. However, two companies are still 148% slower when compared to the world leading BlueHost, which responds on 320ms averagely. Read this chart for more details about the performance comparison chart.

ixWebHosting VS GoDaddy on Technical Support

As both companies have 10+ years of experience in the field, they understand the services and customers. They both offer 24×7 professional technical support to power troubled customers with well-trained technical staffs. Besides, they also build powerful online Help Center, which includes rich FAQs and tutorials.

Note that customers are able to get support from ixWebHosting through the hotline, online chat, and email. However, GoDaddy is only contactable by phone and email. This certainly will lead to some inconvenience for users preferring to get timely assistance via live chat, one of the most popular and efficient contact methods.

IXWebHosting vs GoDaddy on Industry Reputation

It is true that both ixWebHosting and GoDaddy have made their own marks in the industry and reached a certain number of users across the world. Despite the fact, they do not maintain a terrific reputation for multiple limitations that you may conclude from our illustrations above.

Take ixWebHosting for example. On the basis of our surveys, there are only 45% of the 17 ixWebHosting active customers being satisfied with its hosting reliability, performance, control panel, technical support, and more.

Conclusion – Both Are Not Recommended

According to the above comparison, both ixXWebHosting and GoDaddy deliver good WordPress hosting services. However, they still far fall behind the top-notch providers listed as below. The 3 companies are awarded as the best WordPress hosting providers worldwide, coming with cheap prices, unlimited features, 99.9% uptime, fast loading speed, and 24×7 technical support.


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