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iPower WordPress Hosting Secret Revealed and Review
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iPower WordPress Hosting Secret Revealed and Review

This is an in-depth iPower WordPress review, introducing its community reputation, price, features, speed & uptime, and technical support. Customers can learn about the overall services and technical support and easily verify whether the company can satisfy their requirements.

Community Reputation

Founded in 2001, iPower is an experienced company offers a comprehensive suite of online services including domains, web hosting service, SSL certificates, web design, etc. As boasting rich features in advertisements, it actually comes with a common services and cannot satisfy the websites with high requirements.

iPower also charges for the additional fees of domain name registration, site builder and more free features when customers ask for refunds within the money back guarantee. Even it deducts $35 cancellation fees when customers cancel the accounts within 30 days.

We personal think iPower is not a good host for WordPress websites. By contrast, we truly recommend customers going with BlueHost for excellent WordPress hosting services.

Price & Features

To attract customers, iPower offers a cheap price as low as $3.95/mo. However, it is only valid for the first term, and the renewal price is high to $8.49/mo. Especially, the basic Starter plan only includes 5 GB disk space and 250 GB bandwidth.

on the contrary, BlueHost is a cost effective choice with affordable price and rich features. It is 63% off the regular price $7.99/mo for customers going through the exclusive promotional link and pay from $2.95/mo. Additionally, it also comes with free domain for life, free site builder, $100 credits, Unlimited space & bandwidth, PHP, MySQL, Ruby on Rails, CGI, and more.

See the price & feature comparison between iPower and BlueHost in below table.

Features BlueHost iPower iPower
Plan in Comparison Plus Starter Pro
Disk Unlimited 5 GB Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited 250 GB Unlimited
Websites Hosting Unlimited 1 Unlimited
Control Panel cPanel vDesk vDesk
Python yes no no
Ruby on Rails yes no no
Perl yes no no
Cron yes no no
CGI Support yes no no
Money Back Anytime 30 days 30 days
Price $3.95/mo $3.99/mo $3.95/mo
Website Learn more Learn more Learn more

Overall, with the ANYTIME Money Back Guarantee, customers going with BlueHost WordPress can be completely risk free.

Speed & Uptime

iPower WordPress hosting does not have a good performance. It rents data centers from the third party provider which are out of full control. With the ordinary hardware and software, it cannot ensure the hosting speed. Especially there are many complaints about the slowness and frequently downtimes which may causes by the overselling of bandwidth and disk space.

However, BlueHost is much better than iPower. With 3 powerful data centers and DELL servers BlueHost can guarantee low downtime and the peak performance. Besides, it also provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee to make sure the performance. Even it commits approximately 100% uptime in the past 30 days as we monitored. See the detailed monitoring data time as following:

Technical Support

In terms of technical support, iPower and BlueHost both provide 24×7 professional customer service via phone, email, and live chat. However, there is a big difference on details that BlueHost phone support responses within 30 seconds while iPower responses within 15 mins. Additionally, BlueHost is more experienced with WordPress hosting and provides more professional WordPress support than iPower.

As we received 377 BlueHost reviews, 98.9% customers are quite satisfied with the technical support and 99.7% customers recommend the services. See the detailed statistics chart as following:

Conclusion – iPower WordPress NOT Recommended!

iPower WordPress hosting is not recommended for customer based on the above thorough review. On the contrary, we recommend individuals and small businesses going with BlueHost for outstanding WordPress services.


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