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iPage VPS Hosting Review & Secret Revealed
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iPage VPS Hosting Review & Secret Revealed

iPage is an esteemed hosting provider sticking with the environmental wind power. Since its establishment in more than 10 years ago, this company has launched various hosting solutions. In addition to shared web hosting, dedicated server and WordPress hosting, iPage has also gained some accomplishments on VPS hosting.

Giving the credit to advanced features, reasonable price, high performance, fast speed and award-winning technical support, iPage VPS hosting has become the favorite option for many VPS amateurs throughout the globe.

However, some people just hear about this company but lack in-depth understanding about it. In this case, we personally host a website on iPage VPS hosting solution for 2 months so as to tell the truth of this excellent VPS hosting provider.

iPage VPS Review – Plans & Pricing

More choices are equal to more possibilities. To make the VPS hosting diversified, iPage releases three solutions, including Basic, Business, and Optimum. Considering that most webmasters wish to keep down the budget and enjoy the most cost-effective service, iPage enables the price of each plan to be 20% off through this promotional link.

With this beneficial discount, the regular price of $24.99/mo, %59.99/mo and $99.99/mo is now down to $19.99/mo, $47.99/mo and $79.99/mo respectively. Check the following table to view more pricing information about iPage three plans in a clearer manner.

Price Basic Business Optimum
Regular Price $24.99/mo $59.99/mo $99.99/mo
Discount 20% 20% 20%
Effective Price $19.99/mo $47.99/mo $79.99/mo

Beyond what we can see in this table, anytime money back guarantee is also a spotlight of iPage VPS hosting. With such a humanized refund policy, customers’ interests are fully guaranteed because they are allowed to ask for their money back given that the dissatisfaction of the service at any time.

For most customers prefer to use credit cards and PayPal to make the payment done, iPage tries to satisfy the preference of those people. The two popular payment methods are both available for iPage customers.

iPage VPS Review – Features

Generally speaking, VPS users think that feature is the first consideration when choosing an excellent VPS hosting solution, especially for the CPU cores, RAM, IP addresses, storage, and bandwidth. In addition, a user-friendly control panel is also a must-have to be considered.

To help readers quickly check the features of each VPS hosting plan, we make the following table to show more details.

ipage vps price

Each plan includes a large amount of resource allocation, at least one IP addresses, one free domain, and the powerful cPanel. Besides, customers can get the ability to create unlimited domains, subdomains, MySQL databases, FTP accounts and POP3 accounts. The latest version of CGI, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby on Rails, SSI, Cron and FrontPage is available here.

iPage VPS Review – Uptime & Speed

In order to provide users worldwide with peak performance, iPage has done much hard work behind the scenes. It strategically locates its data centers in the Boston, MA area and equips them with N+1 power supplies, 24×7 on-site monitoring, top-notch routers, and many more.

Also, it adopts multiple advanced technologies, such as AT & T, Global Crossing, Cable & Wireless OC48/OC192 Global IP backbones, etc, to further maximize its Internet reach as well as bandwidth capacity.

Moreover, iPage is one of the few hosting companies using wind power so as to make a contribution to reducing the carbon footprint. By purchasing enough Renewable Energy Certificates, this company gets 200% more power than the ordinary energy sources.

Based on these facts, it is no wonder that iPage has delivered an average of 99.95% uptime according to our real-time monitoring in the past 30 days. To be frank, the statistics of iPage uptime track record is much more excellent than most of the peer companies.

When it comes to hosting speed, iPage never disappoints its customers. By using the cutting-edge technologies and monitoring all facilities around-the-clock, this company guarantees a perfect server response time all the time.

In details, as you can see from the following chart, it takes roughly 559ms for responding to a server request, making sure that the contents of users’ websites are available to their visitors in a swift manner.

iPage VPS Review – Technical Support

iPage owns a friendly and experienced support team available for customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All support staffs are arranged to serve people via different communication channels, including live chat, phone, and email to deal with any issue immediately.

What’s more, the knowledgebase and user guide play an important role in providing useful tutorials and hosting resources, from which people can get whatever they want to help them create their sites with ease.

iPage VPS Review – Community Reputation

Having been in the industry since 1995, iPage knows well the needs of both personal and enterprise-level users. During the past years, it has been dedicated to providing high-quality VPS hosting services at affordable rates to cover their needs and support their online journeys to success.

So far, we have received a total of 102 reviews from the verified customers of iPage. According to our analysis, there are 100% of these customers satisfied with the company’s VPS hosting services. To be more specific, 100% are happy with its support and 100% are consent to the reliability and performance.

On the basis of the illustrations above, it is clear that iPage has enjoyed a high customer satisfaction rate and earned itself a good reputation in this field. You can check more detailed review statistics in the chart below or visit the iPage review on BestHostingSearch, a leading hosting review site.

Final Thought – iPage Is Worth Going

According to this thorough review above, this company’s VPS hosting is a collection of affordable price, rich features, high level of reliability, fast page loading speed and award-winning technical support. If you are looking for a cost-effective VPS hosting plan with many possibilities beyond thought, you cannot miss iPage VPS.

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