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How to Integrate WordPress Sites with Twitter?

How to Integrate WordPress Sites with Twitter?

WordPress users know that social medias have great affects on Google results. Twitter, one of the largest social networking services and microblogging services, has a definitely non-negligible impact on a website promotion. Integrating WordPress sites with Twitter, you can make it easy for readers to share your content, build online trust, increase engagement and attract visitors.

There is no need to introduce what’s Twitter, but it’s necessary to mention its worldwide popularity that it has more than 500 million registered users who generate over 400 million tweets daily and take over 2 million search queries every day. For website owners, it’s one of the best ways to reach audiences and attract visitors.

If you have integrated your site with Twitter, the readers can be quite simple to follow your site and tweet your post to their friends, by which you can increase site visibility to the web audiennces in niche. Besides, as researched, Twitter has a significant influence on website search rankings. So it’s necessary and urgent to integrate your site with Twitter.

integrate wordpress site with Twitter

There is no objection that WordPress is the best way to power a website, especially a blog. Besides the other advantages, WordPress provides many easy methods to integrate with Twitter to help you build a friendly relationship with your audiences, as we summed up as below.

Tweet Button

Tweet Button is very effective for spreading you website content. When a visitor read about your post or page, and luckily he is interested in it, so he can quickly to tweet the post / page to their friends. By this way, your websites (posts, pages) can get a large number of exposures.

To add Tweet Button on your website, you can use Twitter’s official tool to generate the embed code for a button, which you can position on anywhere of your site you want. In addition to posts and pages, you can also add the Tweet Button on the website. You can add the code in the proper place in single.php – the theme file controls your whole website.

If you concern about editing code, the WordPress plugins can help you make it. We have listed some of the most popular plugins for Twitter in below, which help your visitors share content and connect with you on Twitter.

Twitter Follow Button

Twitter Follow Button allows your readers following you on Twitter with simple one click, and without leaving your website. This is an easy way to increase your Twitter followers.

Just like the Tweet Button, you can also use the Twitter tool to generate the embed code for Twitter Follow Button, which even provides options to show username, large button opt-out of tailoring Twitter, and language.

Adding a Twitter Follow Button on your website (post/page), it’s better add it on your website globally so that it can be seen in every post and page. Actually, it’s perfect to place it on the header, footer as well as the sidebar.

  • Header – paste the embed code into header.php.
  • Footer – paste the embed code into footer.php.
  • Sidebar – paste the embed code into sidebar.php.

If you don’t want to touch any code or modify the theme file, it’s a good choice to install some WordPress plugins as the following.

Tweets Timeline Widget

In addition to the Twitter Follow Button, you can use Tweets Timeline Widget to attract more Twitter followers from your website. Tweets Timeline Widget allows you showcase the recent Twitter activity in the sidebar of your site, which gives readers a glance of what you have tweeted in the last days. Moreover, it’s a simple way to keep your website fresh even you don’t publish new content.

To add it on your site, you can use the official Twitter timeline widget. Log into your Twitter account and go to Settings, click on Widget then you can create a new widget. Or you can follow this article to create a custom Twitter widget.

Twitter Comments

Twitter Comment is a great engagement to allow users tweeting their comments on your WordPress site. When someone leave a comment on your post or page, he can choose to tweet the comment as well, which possibly attract the followers into the conversation. In this case, your site easily catches his friends’ eyes and drives more visitors.

There are several ways to integrate Twitter comments with WordPress sites. Generally, Disqus commenting system is one of the most popular one, which can be setup to replace the WordPress default comment system.

Embed Tweets

The above 3 methods are all relevant to help share WordPress content to Twitter. Indeed, you can share your tweets into WordPress content so that you can easily quotes the tweets of yours or your friends into your posts or pages, just like the following.

The process is quite simple. You can just embed the URL of a specific tweet into your page, and WordPress takes care of the rest.

integrate wordpresss with twitter

Auto Tweet New Post

There are so many social networks where you can promote your site. It’s truly cumbersome to share the new post by hand on each site. Instead of doing this stupid, one easy way is to set up automatic tweets whenever you publish a new post. Well, Twitter Feed helps you on this aspect. You can create a free account on TwitterFeed, and enter the RSS feed for your WordPress site to trigger new tweets every time when a new post created.


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