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How to Integrate Twitter Cards in WordPress Site

How to Integrate Twitter Cards in WordPress Site

As a widely used social media platforms, Twitter can increase the online exposure of your website to the largest extent. Moreover, it now releases a powerful tool named as Twitter Cards that helps you showcase your content within the Twitter world strongly and effectively. In the below content, we would like to introduce this tool and show you how to add it in the WordPress site.

What is Twitter Cards?

witter CardsGenerally, people who tweet your link will not give you a proper attribution, which results in fewer chances to be known by your potential followers. To put it simply, if person A tweets your article or retweets your post without attribution to your Twitter account, then another person who are interested in your content will be more likely to follow A instead of you. After all, they even don’t know this attractive article is written by you.

To eliminate this embarrassing situation, the utilization of Twitter Cards is really essential. It enables users to attach a preview to the tweet linked to your content, which includes the title, brief introduction, original author or website, and featured image. Thus, whenever people share your content, there will be a unique card added to the tweet.

To be honest, this can give people an insight into the URL shared on Twitter, which in turn brings you more engaged traffic with the targeted audience.

In the following, we have shown you how a tweet with this tool looks like.

tweet with twitter cards

Add It to WordPress Manually

To add it, you need to log in with your Twitter account at first. After signing in, you will see 7 card catalogs available to choose, which include Summary Card, Photo Card, Large Image, Gallery Card, Player Card, Product Card and App Card. Each of these 7 card types has its own features and fits for different kinds of website.

Simply choose the most suited one based on your needs. You can check their main features by putting the mouse on it and reading the introduction presented in the left side.

card types

After clicking your preferred card type, you will be linked to the Card Validator. In this screen, you can try and preview your cards to figure out whether it meets your needs or not. You can reset the configuration if the card preview is not so satisfying.

Card Validator

Then, choose the Validate & Apply header and enter the URL of a page to validate. If the URL is not approved, then click the Request Approval button and finish the application in the next screen. Once approved, your WordPress can be more SEO friendly with the help of Twitter.

Request Approval

The whole process takes you less than 15 minutes for implementation on average. Now, you can share your content with the Card appeared below your tweet.

Make Use of WordPress Plugin

Alternatively, you can also use some other helpful plugins, such as JM Twitter Cards plugin and WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin, which have default integration with this tool.

Let’s take the former one as an example. After downloading, installing, and activating this plugin in either WordPress Dashboard or WordPress.org, you need to go to the Setting tab and find this plugin to do some configurations. This includes the card types, your Twitter account, the URL of your WordPress site, description words account, and fallback images, etc.

JM Twitter Cards

Then, go for the Twitter Card Validator page using your Twitter account for validation. This process may need hours or even days, so you need to be patient. Once you have received the confirmation e-mail, any tweets featuring your content will have a unique card attached.

If you are using WordPress SEO by Yoast, simply go to SEO < Social to find the setting page of this plugin. Then, choose the option of "add Twitter card meta data", and enter the username of your Twitter account in the blank space. After saving the changes, go to the profile page to enter your Twitter username again in the new field under the Contact Information part. The last step is same as that of JM Twitter Cards, asking for validation from Twitter. WordPress SEO by Yoast


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