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How to Easily Integrate Snapchat with WordPress

How to Easily Integrate Snapchat with WordPress

Snapchat offers a good way for reaching a large young audience since its main users are 13-34 years’ old, and for each day, there are more than 400 million pictures and videos are shared. If you want to connect your Snapchat account with WordPress to gain followers through your blog, you can get that done easily by using Snapcodes.

Snapcodes are the QR codes that allow other users to scan and follow you. You can add it to the sidebar of your site, or put it in any post or page. This tutorial includes the detailed steps to integrate Snapchat with WordPress by adding a Snapcode.

Whether Integrate Snapchat in WordPress Sites

Actually, there are a lot of debates online that discuss whether it is a proper practice to use the Snapchat in the WordPress sites. Here, we have listed the pros and cons of this practice in the following.

The Cons

One of the biggest drawbacks of this practice is the security issue. After all, the Snapchat claims that all your shared and sent data will hang around for only a while and will be deleted automatically from their servers. However, many people simply doubt about this and worry that their snaps might be hacked. In this case, if the security of the snaps cannot be ensured, this kind of integration may put your website into the potential dangers.

In addition, after searching online, we have found that many Snapchat users complain that their devices are full of snaps for porn, junk mails and spam messages. This situation also is not good for your website security.

The Pros

As for the advantages, actually, to integrate Snapchat with your WordPress site, you can start a special marketing strategy of your web contents, along with the great benefits of the whole site.

  • Online Awareness – Now, Snapchat has around 100 million of users for each day and is capable of sending out 400 million of snaps for each single day. With the large user base, you can make your website more accessible to the public, ensuring an interesting platform for your readers to reach you.
  • Be Competitive – Most webmasters may only use the common social media just like something as Twitter and Facebook. In this case, if you connect your site with the Snapchat, you can be much more competitive than your peer bloggers.
  • Uniqueness – As compared with many other social media, the Snapchat can ensure you an innovative and out-of-the-box marketing campaign.

Integrate Snapchat with WordPress

Frankly speaking, if you can safeguard your website and overcome all the possible security issues and vulnerabilities, you can surely have your WordPress site and the Snapchat account integrated to reach more audiences and to better promote the website contents.

As for the integration, you only need to go through the following steps.

Obtain the Snapchat Snapcode

You need to go to this site and log into Snapchat with an existing username and password. After login, you will see a download button shown on the page. Just click on it to get the zip file downloaded.

Download Snapcode

Upon successful downloading, you have to extract the zip file on your local computer. Inside the file there are two images named snapcode.svg and snapcode.png. They are the QR codes which other Snapchat users can scan on their mobile phones.

Now you have two options to add the Snapcodes to your WordPress site – uploading them manually or using a plugin. We will introduce both methods in below so you can make a choice based on your preference.

Option 1: Manually Upload Snapcodes to WordPress

Since the Snapcode is an image file, first of all you need to upload it to the media library in the same way as uploading any other files. Then, the only task remaining is to add the Snapcode in an image widget in the footer, sidebar or anywhere else of your site.

If you don’t know how to make an image widget, we suggest you to install a plugin named Image Widget. Upon activation, navigate to Appearance > Widgets, and you will find that an image widget is listed among the available widgets.

Image Widget

Just drag the widget to the sidebar, footer or any other widgetized area. Then click on the “Select an Image” button to add the Snapcode to the widget. At last, save the changes.

Select an Image

That’s all. Now you can visit your site to see whether the Snapcode is properly displayed in the widgetized area you choose.

Option 2: Use the Snapchat Snapcode Widget Plugin

There are not many plugin choices for integrating Snapchat with WordPress, but good options still exist, such as Snapchat Snapcode Widget. Once the plugin is activated, it creates a widget dedicated for Snapcode.

After dragging the Snapchat Snapcode widget to your website sidebar, you need to do the following things to make it work.

  • Enter a title for the widget. You can also hide the widget title if you like.
  • Upload the Snapcode image file by clicking on the “Upload Snapcode” button.
  • Enter your Snapchat username. This is optional.

As soon as you save the settings, the Snapcode will appear on your WordPress site.

Snapchat Snapcode Widget

At present, adding Snapcode is the only way for integrating Snapchat with WordPress. More possibilities are expected in the near future, but now you cannot yet send or receive Snaps directly on a WordPress site.


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