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How to Integrate Instagram with WordPress Easily

How to Integrate Instagram with WordPress Easily

Most WordPress users now leverage different social sharing platforms to better promote their websites and to easily enrich their post contents. The most common practice is to use Facebook and Twitter for the common blog posts. However, when it comes to the images and photo galleries, Instagram is a great option, which is one of the largest photo sharing platforms that has massive daily users all over the world. By integrating Instagram with your WordPress site, you can share the attractive images on your website easily, and at the same time, convert your visitors into your Instagram followers for enlarging the follower base.

In fact, there are several methods for you to achieve this integration. In the following, we’d like to introduce the common three ones about how to integrate Instagram with WordPress.

Method No.1 – Use the Instagram Plugin

Actually, there are a large number of WordPress plugins available that you can use to tightly integrate your Instagram with WordPress sites. This time, we think you can try the Instagram plugin, with which you can easily and automatically showcase the photo galleries or images from Instagram to your WordPress site using any display style you prefer, along with the follow button to encourage people to follow your Instagram account.

Once you have installed and activated the Instagram plugin, you can click the Instagram Feed WD button from your WordPress admin. Here, you need to click the Settings button from its drop-down list. From the next page, you are required to enter the access token and the username of your Instagram account. For the easy entering, you can choose to hit the Sign In with Instagram button. After providing the right login credential and authorizing your WordPress site to check and to access your Instagram information, these two fields can be filled out automatically.

Instagram Settings

Here, you also are allowed to enter some custom CSS and the custom JavaScript for the customization of this plugin. If you just want the default settings, you can move to the next step directly.

Now, you have already achieved the integration between Instagram and WordPress, and then, you should create the Instagram feed to properly display the Instagram images on your site. For this, you need to click Feeds > Add New and decide the below two settings.

Feed Settings

Here, you need to determine some settings of your newly created Instagram feed. For instance, you should decide the display style of the images among the options of Thumbnails, Masonry, Blog Style or the Image Browser. Also, you can give this feed a name for the better management.

Feed Settings

In addition, you even have the right to control some other aspects.

  • If there are a large number of images to be showcased, you can show them using the pagination, the “load more” button and the infinite scroll.
  • You can decide the display order of all the images based on the date, comments and likes.
  • You can determine the number of images to show and to load each time.
  • You can display the “Follow on Instagram” button, user bio, follower counts and user date.
  • You can determine the actions when the images are clicked between the options of opening a lightbox or redirecting people to Instagram.

Feed Display Settings

Lightbox Settings

This part should be decided if you choose the “Open Lightbox” option as the Image Onclick action. Here, you firstly need to decide the width, height, effect of the lightbox, and determine whether to enable the full-width display, the automatic display and many others. You can set up them based on your own preference.

Lightbox Settings

Now, you can save the settings and click the Feeds button to check your newly created feed. Here, you can find the feed shortcode, and you just need to paste it into your blog post, page and sidebar widget. Also, the PHP code is available that can be entered into the header or the footer of your site.

Feed Shortcode

Check how the Instagram images will be showed as below.

Instagram Feed

Method No.2 – Use the IFTTT Tool

The IFTTT tool is the powerful option that helps you build up the tight connection between Instagram with your website. In addition, the utilization of it is pretty simple. You simply need to go through the below steps after signing up and logging in successfully.

Step 1 – Create the Channels for WordPress and Instagram

Firstly, you need to click the Channels button on the main navigation bar to create the channels for WordPress and Instagram. Here, you can enter the name of these two tools respectively in the search box, and then, click the Connect button after targeting them.

For the Instagram channel, you are required to enter the account username.

Instagram channel

For the WordPress channel, you need to enter the website URL along with your login credential.

WordPress channel

Step 2 – Create the New Recipe or Use the Available Recipe

Now, you have two options – use the already created recipe or create a custom one. Note that each recipe contains the components of Trigger and Action. At this time, the Trigger should be that you have shared the image, video or the photo gallery on the Instagram platform and the Action should be that your shared item is automatically displayed on your WordPress site.

For instance, you can use the Instagram to Blog recipe. You can target it by searching the recipe title in the search box. After that, you simply need to decide the WordPress post status among the options of Publish, Draft and Private, and then, click the Add button.

Add Button

Now, the IFTTT tool will share your Instagram images on the standard WordPress posts right after you publish some on the Instagram platform.

Instagram to Blog Recipe

Also, you can create your custom recipe by clicking My Recipes > Create a Recipe button. Here, you need to choose Instagram as the Trigger channel. As for the trigger options, you can choose from the below 5 options.

Choose Trigger

As for the Action channel, you need to choose WordPress. Likewise, you also should pick up your preferred action option.

Choose Action

Next, you only need to click the Create Recipe button and put it into utilization by turning it on.

Method No.3 – Integrate Instagram with WordPress Manually

The last method is a manual option, which is suitable if you only need to share a single or only a few Instagram images on your site without the high frequency.

Actually, WordPress already has a default feature that allows you to showcase the Instagram images based on an individual manner. No advanced skills and complicated steps are required. Instead, you only need to copy and paste the URL of your target image into the blog post or the webpage.

Note that this function only supports the single image but not your whole Instagram account. In this case, the URL is something as below.

Image URL

In addition, if you want to enter multiple image links or if you want to enter some textual contents before clicking the Publish button, you need to make sure that each URL is on a separate line in the text editor without the need to add the hyperlink.

Personally speaking, this method is much easier than the first two options. However, it fails to give you the enough freedom to decide the image display. For instance, the embedded images will be shown using the largest dimension. In this case, if this image is of the large scale by default, the showcase may ruin your webpage design.


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