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How to Integrate Google Calendar into WordPress?

How to Integrate Google Calendar into WordPress?

google calendarGoogle calendar is released by Google used to help webmasters manage time wisely. People can add something that is around the corner and reminds themselves to carry out the plan. All the upcoming events are displayed on the interface clearly, from which users can view their schedules at a glance.

For some readers still have no idea about how to integrate Google calendar into WordPress sites, we introduce the main steps to finish this progress in the following article. This method is simple to understand and operate.

Install a Google Calendar Plguin

There are many WordPress Google calendar plugins available to you, like Google Calendar Events. From those plugins, you can choose the most suitable one that can help you integrate a calendar with ease.

Take Google Calendar Events as an example. It displays the events into a grid format, which looks intuitive and clear. You are able to download this plugin via WordPress.org plugin directory or follow a guide about installing WordPress plugins. Briefly, you can log into WordPress dashboard and go to Plugins > Add New, then search for the plugin name and click on Install Now to start.

Once installed, you are required to active the plugin so that you can utilize the functional features.

google calendar installation

Add a Feed

And now, you need to enter the setting page to add a feed.

google calendar installation

Note that the feed ID is existed by default, only an identifier is available. You can set the feed title as whatever you want, which is used to display your calendar. The fill-in should be descriptive and related to the feed content, like “upcoming football matches”, “upcoming club events” or some other events.

The feed URL is used to link to the Google Calendar feed, which looks like the following example. You can find your URL feed via the Calendar Address section by clicking the orange XML button and then copy & paste it to the blank.

The “Retrieve events from” and “Retrieve events until” are used to schedule when to start and stop retrieving the events. Besides, you can also customize the maximum number of retrieve events, time format, data format and timezone adjustment properly.

Cache duration is equal to how long the feed is kept caching (43200 seconds = 12 hours). If you update the calendar frequently, you can set the duration as 0. For some multi-day events that need to be shown in a succession of days, you can check the “Show multiple day events on each day”.

google calendar installation

Customize the General Options

Click the Add Feed to switch to the General Options setting tab. You can customize the stylesheet URL, add JavaScript to the footer, view the loading text and see error messages. In addition, you are also able to determine whether there is a need to optimize event retrieval and use old styles.

google calendar installation

Edit Plugin

You can edit this plugin under the Plugins > Editor. Search Google Calendar and enter the google-calendar-events/css/gce-style.css. Copy all the content displayed in the blank, and paste it to a new .css file. And then upload it to your server under the Google Calendar Events directory. In this case, you can change the appearance of your calendar.

google calendar installation


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